Digging In Wallonia


In our effort to visit all record shops at least once we decided to do a little tour Wallonia. It’s not the most common area for record digging, we heard a new shop had opened near Charleroi and our knowledge of the region could do with an update. Reasons enough to head down south, with little expectations but nevertheless excited and ready to discover.

Together with our good friend and fellow record enthusiast Jonathan we visited La Louvière, Binche, Charleroi, Châtelet and Namur. In total we found 7 shops open, met a few nice people and plenty of laughs. On the record side of it we didn’t find much exceptional but got surprised a few times. We also tasted lovely beers, not unimportant to us.

Find the photo-report here.

Here’s the list of shops we visited with a little comment:

La Louvière
Trente Trois Tours, Place Communale 12, 7100 La Louvière
This is a bar / record store and much more. We stood before a closed door as this was the first shop on our tour and it only opened at 18h. A shame but it gives us reason to go back.

Vansippe Guy, Avenue Wanderpepen 29, 7130 Binche
An old mom & pops record store that is closing (you can take it over) which mainly sells CD’s and hifi but is clearing its stock and that includes a few records. Certainly the 7”s had a few gems to be discovered. But this one will soon fade away. A shame as its sympathetic owner has been behind the counter for 50 years.

Imagine, Rue de Marchienne 27, 6000 Charleroi
We loved Charleroi to bits. The closest thing to Detroit close to home. We need to give it a better check soon as it is full of derelict industrial buildings, street art and slightly out of date spots that are screaming for artists to give it a second life. The one shop we found wasn’t much and the good records were really overpriced but the city itself secured a prime spot in our hearts.

Phonophil, Rue de la Montagne 4, 6200 Châtelet
The new one we had heard about. In an old butcher shop. Sells vintage hifi gear too. Really clean and tidy and with a good choice of records, generally not overpriced.

Kiosque à Musique, Place du Perron 2, 6200 Châtelet
Down the street from the first one. Has literally 2 record for sale.

Juke Box, Rue Haute Marcelle 38, 5000 Namur
Small shop but with a surprising up to date selection. Lots of current Belgian electronica (Vlek, Thin Consolation, On-Point, Citywurl, …) and other new bits and bops. Also some second hand stuff. We took the good records home but definitely worth a visit. Haha.

Lido Musique, Rue des Croisiers 45, 5000 Namur
Clearly went for the full Record Store Day shenanigans. Only new vinyl and not really in our range. We love the sign and façade though.

Veals & Geeks, Rue des Carmes 3, 5000 Namur
The little brother of the Brussels’ one. Same selection but with more instruments and music gear. No surprise to us but definitely has its place. Namur in general is a good place to visit. A bit posh (so not like the cliché that lives in the northern part of Belgium’s mind) and it could do without the awful freedom festival we stumbled upon.

So even though we didn’t came home with obscure gems on wax we had a great time and will do more of these trips in the future. A great way to discover your own country by the way. Do visit the shops and keep them alive and certainly give Phonophil a visit next weekend as he’s officially celebrating the opening.

Radio Show 28/04/2015 – Foot Juice Special


We have Bore Sans Combo and Frenquency of Antwerp’s Foot Juice crew, Belgium’s only footwork crew joining forces on May 29th with Tek Life for an exhibition / party at Zappa. Lots of music and chats.

Listen again to this show through this link.

Some pics of this session.

Zazou & Bikaye – It’s A Man’s World
DJ Rashad  & Spinn – Drank, Kush, Barz
Traxman – Blow Your Whistle
DJ Rashad & Freshmoon – Everybody

>>> Bore Sans Combo in the Mix <<<
Traxman – Buddha Music
Dj Rashad – Eyes Be So Low
Wormfinger – Floor
Jungo Hollywood – A2Z
DJ Rashad – Let It Go
Peas – Maschine Dream
Frenquency ft. Abaigal – Press  Years ago

>>> Frenquency live <<<
Frenquency – No Time
Frenquency x Borametz – Cynara Vulpes
Frenquency – Times Of Change
Cookachoo – The Law (You’re Free) (Frenquency Remix)
Atactic ft Frenquency – King
Frenquency – Ja-Panic
Frenquency – Movin Up
Frenquency – Soundbwoi
Frenquency x Bankster – Ghosts

Radio Show 21/04/2015 – Fotones Special


We have Antz and Lowdjo from FOtones to present their FO[am]tones feat Filastine – Peter Van Hoesen – Lowdjo – Antz – 6siss – Angel – Lophorina – Mahadev Cometo event happening this Saturday at Beursschouwburg. We have a chat about what to expect at this edition and about the rich history of the event plus music selected by both organisers / DJs.

Listen again to this show through this link.

>>> Lowdjo selection <<<
Sjors Bral – Spookrijders In De Lucht
A Tribe Called Quest – Phony Rappers
Filastine – The Last Redoubt
Omid Walizadeh – Modern Persian Speech Sounds
Filastine – Opium Den

>>> Interview <<<
6SISS – Psalm Of Consumption
Kenji Kawai – Reincarnation
Sagat – Part
Hiele – Kaneda

>>> Antz in the mix <<<
Ward 21 – 2000 Gal
Kahn-Neek – Back Chat (Jus Now RMX)
Jus Now – Tun Up (Kahn RMX)
Tubby T – Ready She Ready (Seiji RMX)
Sottex aka Asylum – DJs Stop (Alright Go)
Lady Chann-Glamma Kid – Sticky Informer
Orange Hill ft Busy Signal – Wine De Best
Cato ft Flowdan Riko – Peng VIP
El B ft Rolla MC – Back With the Sound
J Da Flex – Majestic Dance Floor Crew
King Midas Sound – Earth A Kill You

Bart’s monthly list of freshly acquired goodies he thinks you should give a listen.

Back in the days when I carried my records in a flight case to every gig (why did it take so long to come up with trolley bags?), my main source of info about records were dj lists. The ones with added extra info like you could find in Jockey Slut, a magazine I read rigorously back then, were the ones I liked best. These days those lists have become dumb summaries on websites of online shops, only a click away from purchasing. Usually leaving out the good stuff that’s not available on the site that publishes them. So we’re doing it a l’ancienne again. No links, no embedded players because if you really want to discover the music it’s no biggie to use google yourself. The extra effort you need to invest makes the difference convenience soothes away. Not too many new records either as we don’t think that’s relevant any more. Not to us anyway as it doesn’t really make a difference in the way we appreciate it.

Dino Terrell ‎– You Can Do It (It’s So Easy) – New Image
I’ve got a big love for late 80s soul music that’s beyond disco but not yet house. New Image is one of the to go to labels and Darryl Payne probably is my favourite producer when it comes to this particular sound. With Leroy Burgess, one of the most underrated soul music giants, involved too this is a certified no brainer. Easy to find dirt cheap if you put some effort into it.

Jine – Take It To The House (Dub 2) – Supertronics
Another label that has released some fine late 80s soul but this is far more jacking and certainly the 2 dubs on this 12” are among the best (dubbed out) early house music you can find. Again possible to find cheap as most sellers don’t know there are lazy diggers willing to pay good money for it online.

Pigbag ‎– Getting Up – Y Records
Not their best release (not bad either) but bought this mainly for the sleeve. Probably designed by the same guy who did the “Sunny Day” one (which is musically better). Don’t know who it is but love it.

Zero Hour – The Dark Side (Dub) – Vanguard
Vanguard released really fine electro-funk in the early 80s so I always buy the 12”s with the yellow / orange labels, if reasonable priced, to discover at home if they are any good. This one was a pleasant surprise. An alias of Twilight 22 who have released some more well-known, similar tracks on the same label.

The Underground Solution – Afterthought – Strictly Rhythm
B-side of the “Luv Dancin’” 12”. Strictly Rhythm, as did Nugroove, have released a lot of garbage in their so-called heydays (nowadays they do hardly anything else). I’ve bought and resold far more of these 2 labels than that I’ve kept. A-side is a classic and from back when Roger Sanchez made music that doesn’t make you want to punch people in the face. Still, both tracks on the flip were a surprise. The reason why I still prefer digging in the crates to picking them out on discogs.

Paul Simpson Connection ‎– Use Me Lose Me (Dub) – Streetwise
I buy anything that has got Paul Simpson involved. From his early disco days till when he made pumping, looped house on Henry Street, it always strikes a chord with me. If there’s a dub that’s the one to go for. This one is no different. Like it was made for Onda Sonora sets (even though one of us was probably not even born when this came out).

Le Club – Un Fait Divers Et Rien De Plus (Re Mix) – Vogue
Yoeri’s been playing this for some time now. Finally found the 12” myself. If there is something like punk-funk this is probably punk-disco. I also love adding a sort of French touch to our sets (see also below in this list).

Ashford & Simpson – Love Don’t Make It Right – Warner Bros
Although far from unknown I think the genius of Ashford & Simpson is not recognized enough. From one of their albums that’s not regarded as classic due to the lack of hits but a more than solid one nonetheless. This is the standout track (and most known one too) which has all the ingredients I love in their work.

Ata Kak ‎– Obaa Sima – Awesome Tapes From Africa
This one is right up our alley. Off-the-beaten track African electronic music. Music that’s clearly made with completely different references as we’re used to but still or just because of that fits perfectly in the Onda Sonora universe. A tip I got from our friend Jonathan. Great reissue.

The Alan Parsons Project – I Robot – Arista
Not sure where I picked up the tip, somewhere in a mix I’m guessing, but this track is great. Less obvious cosmic classic than their “Mammagamma” track but equally great. While the rest of the album is standard AOR, there are a few bits I really like. Guilty, bombastic pleasures. Finding this is more about remembering to search for it when you’re in a shop than it is a work of labour as it is very common.

Mino – J’ai Jamais Dit Ça – RKM
More French disco. Again something I buy on sight. The RKM sleeves are pretty recognizable and some of the secret gems in my box wear one but it is definitely not a sure shot tactic to buy them all. Not a stand-out track buy certainly a nice one to get things going in between the peaks. Certainly if you hate the obvious like we do.

Cellophane – Super Queen – Salsoul
Over the top is something few can pull off as well as Walter Gibbons did. Wasn’t on top of my wantslist but it still made me very happy to find it. In a shop a bit out of the usual loop where you could clearly notice not many professional diggers had come before you. Again for far less than what the online standard tells you to pay. I only pay full price when I’ve convinced myself there’s no other way after many years of not finding it.

Radio Show 14/04/2015 – Record Stores + Bright Entity


We have Ciska from Bright Entity in the studio to talk about their EP out on Holger and we play some tracks with a record store history to get you warmed up for Saturday’s gig at Bonnefooi.

Arabian Prince – Africanism – Sound Of Music
Tulio De Piscopo – Stop Bajon – Nunk
Alan Parsons Project – I, Robot – Arista
Bright Entity – As Everyday Goes By – Holger Tracks
Endgames – Ecstasy – Virgin
D.R. Hooker – Forge Your Own Chains – Veals & Geeks
Ecstasy, Passion & Pain – Ask Me – Roulette
Air Power – Welcome To The Disco – AVI
The Frontline Orchestra – Don’t Turn Your Back On Me – Ice
Raw Elements – On The Train – Final Cut
Azoto – Exalt, Exalt – Rams Horn

Radio Show 7/4/2015 – Brooklyn Digging.


While Bart was at Bonnefooi hosting a Bedroom Beats session, Yoeri held down the fort at fm brussel. Playing some of the records he bought during a recent digging trip in Brooklyn, New York and drinking a local lager.

Listen again to this show through this link.

Black Uhuru – What Is Life – 4th & Broadway
David Lampell – I Ran Iran – Prism
Jimmy Spicer – The Bubble Bunch – Mercury
Surface – Falling In Love – Salsoul
Colors – Am I Gonna Be The One – First Take
NYCC – I’ll Keep A Light In My Window – RCA
Big Foot – Watch Your Step – Sue International
Sandee – Notice Me – Fever
El Barrio – Across 110th Street (Barrio Mix) – Lovemix
Automatik – Free (Chic-A-Boom Mix) – Wild Pitch
909 – Can Anybody Tell Me – More Music

Radio Show 31/013/2015 – The Windy One

With the windy weather we had last few days this theme presented itself. Nothing but songs about wind, a lot of jazz funk ones too as it seems they got mighty inspired by this. To keep it entirely in touch with this we drank “Wolf” by the Scottish Windswept Brewery. And we’ve got a new host, Rik, a young music and record enthusiast.

Listen again to this show through this link.

Webster Lewis – Mild Wind
Talking Heads – Listening Wind
Tom Browne – Night Wind
Mandrill – Wind On Horseback
Freddie Hubbard – Windjammer
100% Pure Poison – Windy C (Kon re-edit)
Gil-Scott Heron & Brian Jackson – The Wind Song
Donald Byrd – Wind Parade
George Benson – The Wind & I
Hiroshi Fukumura – Hunt Up Wind
Midnight Movers – Follow The Wind (DK Edit)
Jackie Stoudemire – Invisible Wind

Long Lastin’ Like Chewing Gum

Been rearranging the collection and among other things gave the hip hop section a new spot. While doing this some old treasures popped up and this led to this mix. Nothing exceptional, just tracks that are personal favourites.

Mr. Complex feat. El-Fudge – Scrape Your Back Out – 72 Records
Biz Markie – Stutters Step (Kid Sublime Remix) – White Label
Diverse – Aint Right – Chocolate Industries
Count Bass D – 7 Years – Nature Sounds
Sound Providers – Autumns Evening Breeze – ABB Records
The Roots – Double Trouble – MCA Records
People Under The Stairs – Out Da Club – Om Records
Mass Influence – All Out (Instrumental) – Fat Beats
Real Live – The Gimmicks – Big Beat
Time Machine – A Million And One Things To Do (Instrumental) – Emerge Music
The Procussions – Leave Her Alone (Bye!) – Procussion Sound
Porn Theatre Ushers – Me + Him – Biscuit Head

Radio Show 24/03/2015 – Electric Boogaloo


Hyped about seeing some music-themed b-films like “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo” made by Cannon films on the last day of the Offscreen film festival we decided to pull some of the wickedest breakdance tunes from our collections. Enjoy.

Listen again to this show through this link.

Bonzo Goes To Washington – 5 Minutes – Sleeping Bag
Natasha King – AM-FM – Ecstasy
The Force MD’s – Let Me Love You (Instrumental) – Vogue
Dynamic Breakers – Dynamic Control – Sunnyview
Dominatrix – The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight (Dominant Mix) – Streetwise
Warp 9 – Nunk – Prism
Urbanus – Le Massacre – Phillips
Freeez – Pop Goes My Love – Beggars Banquet
Lady D – You Got Me Runnin’ – Fleetwood
Paul Hardcastle – Guilty – Sky
Visual – The Music Got Me – Prelude

Radio Show 17/03/2015 – Happy Birthday Patrick Adams.


The blank, uncomprehending stare people show when we go on about Patrick Adams and what he means to us usually is answered by us with an equally blank, uncomprehending stare. The man is probably the artist that can claim the biggest personal section in both our collections yet clearly not as known as we think he should be. So we take his 65th anniversary as a reason to school you. Those closely following us will have heard all these tracks a lot and they’ve got Patrick Adams in common. As writer, producer, arranger or in another way. These are some of our favourites from the man’s oeuvre, playing all the cuts we like would take the best part of a day. Enjoy.

Listen again to this show through this link.

Cloud One – Dust To Dust – P&P
Universal Robot Band – Dance And Shake Your Tambourine – Red Greg
Daybreak – Everything Man – P&P
Marta Acuna – Dance, Dance, Dance – P&P
Sandy’s Gang – Hungry (Sean P Edit) – Tirk
Golden Flamingo Orchestra – The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us – Golden Flamingo
Four Below Zero – My Baby’s Got ESP – Roulette
Caress – Opportunity – P&P
Dazzle – You Dazzle Me – De-Lite
Bumblebee Unlimited – Lady Bug – RCA
Rainbow Brown – Til You Surrender – Vanguard