Here are our gigs for the next 2 months that are confirmed. More will follow soon. You’ll see that our gig at Bonnefooi isn’t in that list anymore. This is because they have to close for 2 months due to complaints about noise. The gig will be rescheduled though.

01.08.2015 | DOK GENT: Lefto & Red Bull Elektropedia present: Binkbeats, Lefto & Friends | Gent
See the flyer above this post. Binkbeats live is a must see and hear. DJs will be Lefto, Fatoo from Supafly and Junior Goodfellaz (who you might have seen on stage this summer as L’Or Du Commun’s DJ). And us of course.

07.08.2015 | SOUL INN w/ our good friend Jonathan | Brussels
Our first gig in Brussels’ most soulful bar (if you don’t count the short one during the fm brussel support party). We’ve asked our good friend Jonathan to join us behind the turntables. All nighter.

08.08.2015 | HEARTBEAT | Leuven
It’s been a while since we’ve been in Leuven. We met DISM during the fm brussel crisis and connected over a similar taste in music. It’s a rare feat to be talking about Patrick Adams with people that aren’t the other one in Onda Sonora. Very much looking forward to this.

05.09.2015 | SPECTAKULO w/ PHIL ASHER, LEFTO & friends | Halle
Our anniversary which we’ll celebrate together with some friends. Lefto and Phil Asher next to DJ Vega, Rikkie, Jonathan, Jugglin’ Discotheque and Wickzzz.

18.09.2015 | MEKITBURN | Vilvoorde
We’ve got our own stage where we’ll play the finest music all night long.

Radio Show 28/07/2015 – Flat Foot Hustling.

Because this weekend Belgium’s biggest and best reggae festival is happening in Geel we play just that kind of music all hour long. Enjoy.

Listen again to this show through this link or, music only, on our mixcloud (see embedded player above).

Big Youth – Four Sevens – Obser
The Revolutioneers – El Bambo – High Noverte
Linval Thompson – Collieman – Thompson Sound
Johnny Clarke – Warrior – Observer
Jacob Miller – False Rasta – Rockers International
Linval Thompson – Curfew – Thompson Sound
Cornell Campbell – Two Timer – Gibbs
Big Joe – In The Ghetto – Jackpot
Dennis Brown – Satta Massagana – Gorgan
Linval Thompson – Don’t Cut Off Your Dreadlocks – Striker Lee
Jacob Miller – Tenement Yard – Collectable
Welton Irie – Weh Yu Fah – Thrillseekers
Dennis Brown – Ghetto Girl – Gibbs
Dillinger – Flat Foot Hustling – Observer
Bo Jangles – Prophecy Reveal – Gibbs
The Revolutioneers – Regulation 15 – High Note
Carl Dawkins – Dreadful Situation – Cancer
Dennis Brown – Black Magic Woman – Sunshot
U Brown – Down Inna Babylon – Roots Foundation

Radio Show 21/07/2015 – Defilé Nationaal

A mix with nothing but Belgian music released in 2014 / 2015. On vinyl. Artists and tracks we’ve featured in our 22tracks list or who’ve played at our monthly Bedroom Beats nights. As a way to celebrate our national day.

Listen again to this show through this link or, music only, on our mixcloud (see embedded player above).

Lowcommittee – 23E4 – Vlek
Hiele – Classic Heights – Ekster
Mittland Och Leo – Domino – JJ Funnhouse
Bright Entity – Flying While Standing – Holger Tracks
Crossbeat – 9160 – Voxed Recordings
Haring – Late Night Dream – Venga Venga
Oaktree & Avondlicht – Honey – Fog Mountain
Bambooh – Spring – Vinyl Boutique
Freddy Bracker – Port Green – Crab Boogie / HHV.DE
STUFF. – Java – Buteo Buteo
Chrome Brulée – Amplifier Of Intelligence – Kasset
Johnny Superglu – Red Masks – Plynt
LBNHRX – Functional Misunderstanding – Thin Consolation
Sagat – Earth – Vlek
6SISS – The Heavenly Sky – Ledebronx
Pizza Noise Mafia – Schleiper – Slaaploos

Monthly Music List.

While others spend ridiculous amounts of money on festivals to see 90s has-beens these days we do the same in dusty basements full of vinyl and even by our own standards we’ve gone a bit crazy this month. So expect an extra fat list this time.

You can find the previous lists here.

By the way. On August 21st we’ll play at Bonnefooi again. Again all night long but this time with a little twist. All records we play will be for sale. Don’t expect expensive goodies but the challenge we set ourselves is to sell everything at a fixed price. Thinking about 3€ a piece for 7”s and maybe a little higher for 12”s. Or not. We’ll see. Anyway, quite a challenge as we don’t want to lower our standard when it comes to quality of the music we play. But more about that in a few days.

RSD – Dub Pride – ZamZam Sounds
A big fan of this 7” label. Since the early days as a record collector digital reggae / dub has been a faraway friend. During the early nineties, when discovering Zion Train, Sound N Pressure and alike, going to London was one of the few ways to get the records you wanted. Which made it extra special. With the rise of the online game it got easier to get these records, still we kinda drifted away from it. Until recently. The discovery of this fine label triggered that love again and the collection is steadily expanding with ZamZam Sounds as its guide.

Letta Mbulu – Normalizo – Be With Records
One of the many tunes that have become part of our universe that are traceable back to the huge influence Sean P (the disco don not the mc) has had on us. Now finally available, for a reasonable price, due to the reissue of her “In The Music The Village Never Ends” album. Essential stuff.

Freddy Bracker ‎– Daytona Beats – HHV.DE / Crab Boogie
A Belgian beatmaker we’ve been following for years now. Once featured on our RELEASE compilation. Glad to see him steadily progress and get somewhere. This is his first vinyl output (released on cassette first). Saw him perform live a few weeks ago and that sounded tight too.

Quando Quango – Genius – Factory
This has everything we like at Onda Sonora HQ. Hard to classify genre-wise, incredibly funky yet slightly dark, dubby and although full of typical 80s sounds timeless in our book. Found a pristine copy which is always a plus with Factory releases.

Crown Of Thorns – The Treatment (Thorn Mix) – I.R.S. Records
A great, relentless groove tucked away on the b-side of on an otherwise quite bland new wave release. Tip from Lieven Deridder, Belgium’s finest when it comes to all things wave. Finding tracks like these is what we love about digging.

The Specials – Friday Night, Saturday Morning – Two-Tone Records
Finally found The Specials’ greatest and most mature release, the “Ghost Town EP”. Which has next to the title track 2 killer cuts on it. Everything fits on this one. Music, lyrics, artwork, … .

Gloria Jones ‎– Tainted Love – AVI Records
The original of that new wave classics all +30 people have danced to at least once in their lives. Rare 12” release on the label we mainly know for their top Rinder & Lewis releases. Found a sealed one. Afraid to open it, haha.

Fonda Rae – Tuch Me – Rams Horn
Patrick Adams production and an Onda Sonora classic for many years now but always nice to find a 12” copy. Fonda Rae is the voice on so many classics in our box. Solo or as singer for Rainbow Brown, Don Armando’s Second Avenue Rhumba Band, … . And we’re not using that classic stamp lightly here.

Ma Futura feat Hylton Smith – Penny Dun Drop (Bruck Step Mix) – Mainsqueeze
Added a good batch of records to the broken beat collection this month with among them this IG Culture production. Mainsqueeze is one of our all-time favourite labels. Rarely connected so much with a musical genre at the time it was big. Big being relative, of course.

Domu – It’s You – Archive
This is  another one of that batch. Made us realize we miss the man’s productions a lot (even though he made a sort of understated comeback). We understood and respected the reasons for his departure from the scene, but it felt like a classic ‘it are the good ones that go too soon” case. We still buy every Domu release we come across. Even if it’s already part of the collection. They are too good to collect dust in 2nd hand bins in shops.

Billy Lo – It’s The Life – Universal Frequency Modulation Recordings
A white label in a 1€ bin we went through with only “Billy Lo” written on it in biro. Happy it was the Billy Lo(ve) we hoped it was. The one that has released one of our favourite EP’s on Sound Signature. This is more solid Detroit house music.

Phil Asher – Ruffness – Strictly 4 Groovers
So happy to bring the man over early September to celebrate our 15th anniversary. This is from the first EP he released under his own name. The “Phlash EP” from 1995. Raw, pumping house. Not far off that complete Phil Asher collection with this and a few other older gems added to it. Maybe an idea for a future Bonnefooi allnighter. Wouldn’t be a problem to pull off a 8 hour set with only music made by Phil. :)

“Pretty” Tony ‎– Fix It In The Mix – Music Specialists
80s funky electro is another genre that’s been steadily expanding in our collections. We love tunes like these even if we can’t force them too much onto people without initiating the Moses effect on our dance floors. It’ll get hip one day. This will be an inspiration if one of us ever needs a new moniker.

Kid Creole And The Coconuts ‎– Endicott – Sire
Always have been a big Kid Creole fan even though we mistakenly didn’t play it for a long while out of fear of being labelled as too cheesy. The days we were worried about our reputation are long gone and August Darnell slowly has become recognized as one of the funkiest disco producers around. Few can build a catchy yet relentless grooves like he does.

The Staple Singers – Slippery People – Private I Records
If you ever wanted a version of the Talking Heads classic without the David Byrne’s shouts, this is the one to go for. The build-up after the break is pure gold for your sets. On its way to become a bonafide Onda Sonora classic.

Radio Show 14/07/2015 – French Kosmo Disco

We make it a tradition of celebrating our southern neighbours national day in style. This year we do this by mixing together some of our favourite synthesizer heavy ”space” disco made in France. The late 70s and early 80s were fruitful when it comes to this sort of music from that particular country. Enjoy our kosmic quatorze julliet mix.

Listen again to this show through this link or, music only, on our mixcloud (see embedded player above).

Cerrone – La Secte De Marakesh – Malligator Records
Space Art -Onyx – Carrere
Saturne EA 1 – Hammerlo Bend – Barclay
Arpadys – Monkey Star – Polydor
Moon Birds – Parsec – Diques Ibach
Space – Carry On, Turn Me On – Vogue
Universal Energy – Disco Energy (Pt. 1) – EMI
Droids – (Do You Have) The Force Part 1 – Barclay
Black Devil – Timing, Gorget The Timing – Private
Quartz – Beyond The Clouds – Marlin
Space – Just Blue – Vogue
Max Berlin – Dream Disco – Malligator

15 Years Onda Sonora


Onda Sonora started as a party at JH Eenders in Halle organised by 3 youngsters in search of a good night out. Good meaning centred around the music they love(d) and which, in general, was and still is considered left of mainstream. 15 years later 2 of them are still going. Stronger than ever and with an enthusiasm that would have made their younger selves go “Really?”. We were silently letting this anniversary slip us by as we’re not the nostalgic kind (even when digging for older music we mainly go for what we don’t know yet) and we didn’t have the venue to celebrate it properly. That’s where the younger generation, now at the helm of JH Eenders and Spectakulo (which in its early days was called “Spectakulo – Onda Sonora”) comes in. Offering us to host a stage at Spectakulo and thus giving us the perfect opportunity to make some noise about our crystal jubilee.

A perfect chance to invite some of the characters that made the past 15 years special for us. Each with a different reason why a special place in our hearts and history is reserved for them. Fully knowing there are plenty of others with similar claims we can’t include. Expect a 15h long marathon, from noon until around 3am, at Spectakulo (in and around JH Eenders in Halle) with plenty of premium music, some room for nostalgia and, above all, the chance to add another legendary night to our already sizeable list.

Here’s the friends we’ve asked to play some tunes:

The friendliest DJ we know, a main inspiration to us and someone with whom we have spent some great nights out. Twice in Brussels on our invitation and some wild ones at the Nottinghill Arts Club, Southport Weekender and other UK venues. We’re very happy this monument of the UK-music-with-a-firm-dash-of-soul-scene, since the mid-90s as part of Restless Soul, the Broken Beat movement and the worldwide soulful house scene, is coming over to add his magic to our anniversary.

Doesn’t need much introduction, certainly not to those who’ve been part of our journey so far. Played numerous times at our parties, from way before he became globally recognised. Nowadays not only a friend but also a homie to both Onda Sonora DJs as we’re all living in the same quartier (don’t tell the local politicians but 1030 will be heavily represented, haha).

These days providing the beats on stage for STIKSTOF but used to be our go to local DJ for hihop sets back in the days when we organised parties at JH Eenders. Always good fun when we meet this cat backstage, in a local bars or during football games.

We wouldn’t be doing what we do without Rikkie. Our biggest inspiration, dare we say mentor, from way back before we even started Onda Sonora. So happy he’ll be part of this celebration. He’ll share the decks with our Jarobi (see ATCQ) or Shae (see N*E*R*D). That guy who’s always with us but seeks a dark corner instead of the spotlights; our good friend and record digging buddy Jonathan.

Contemporaries of the early JH Eenders party scene. Reggae dons we grew up with and still our favourite selectors when it comes to Jamaican sounds. It wouldn’t be a anniversary without them part of it.

54Kolaktiv member, main man behind the Ménage Ménage radio show (the one just before ours every Tuesday on fm brussel) and fellow record enthusiast. Seinkat is probably the Brussels crew we feel most akin to so we wanted them to be part of this.

… and ONDA SONORA of course.

Entrance is free.

Details will follow in the weeks to come.

This celebration is part of the ☼ SPECTAKULO 2015 ☼ festival which is a 2-day affair with multiple stages and events. Do check out their main facebook event page to know more.

Radio Show 08/07/2015 – Sergio Mendes Special

This Saturday Sergio Mendes will play at Ancienne Belgique and we’ll serve music before and after the concert. To get you in the mood we’ve put together some of our favourite songs by the man who might be the don daddy of Brasilian music in a lighter version but nevertheless has made some killer versions of songs part of the Onda Sonora universe. We also have a chat with Marc Decock from AB (in Dutch).

Listen again to this show through this link or, music only, on our mixcloud (see embedded player above).

Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’77 – Pais Tropical – A&M
Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 – Mas Que Nada – A&M
Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’77 – Zanzibar – A&M
Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 – Triste – A&M
Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’77 – Asa Branca – A&M
Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’77 – Where Is The Love – Bell
Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’77 – We Need More Love Music – Bell
Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’77 – I Can See Clearly Now – Bell
Stevie Wonder – Don’t You Worry About A thing – Tamla
Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’77 – Don’t You Worry About A thing – Bell
Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’77 – The Waters Of March – Bell
Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’77 – Superstition – Bell
Donny Hathaway – Someday We’ll All Be Free – Atco
Sergio Mendes – Someday We’ll All Be Free – Elektra
Sergio Mendes & The New Brasil ’77 – If You Leave Me Now – Elektra
Sergio Mendes – Davy – Elektra
Sergio Mendes & The New Brasil ’77 – The Real Thing – Elektra
Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’88 – Tiro Cruzado – Elektra
Sergio Mendes – Dream Hunter – A&M

Radio Show 30/06/2015 – Muy Tropical!

This Friday we play at Couleur Café festival in Brussels on the 22tracks stage (Clandestino / 20h-22h) and to prepare you for that we’ve made this mix of off-centre music with a tropical twist and / or link to the festival. Probably not your average mix of African music and more but we’re shit at being average.

Listen again to this show through this link or, music only, on our mixcloud (see embedded player above)

Ebo Taylor Jnr. & Wuta Wazuri – Mondo Soul Funky – Soundway
Rob – Make It Fast, Make It Slow – Soundway
The Meters – Funky Miracle – Josie
Maceo & The Macks – Cross The Track (We Better Go Back) – Polydor
Cypress Hill – The Phuncky Pheel One – Columbia
Ghostface Killah – Cherchez LaGhost – Razor Sharp
Bobby I.G. – Funk Ina Ghetto – Don Pedros Records
Françis Bebey – Divorce Pygmee – Born Bad
Codek – Tam Tam – West African Music
Tapes Meets The Drums Of Wareika Hill Sounds – Dub – Honest Jons
Dego & Kaidi – Backchat For Toprock – Sound Signature
The Leo Magic Orchestra – My Gitana (Late Night Ritual Version) – People
Konono n°1 – Kule Kule – Crammed Discs
Ata Kak – Moma Yendodo – Awesome Tapes From Africa

Radio Show 23/6/2015 – Summer Festival Preview.


A preview of our own festival summer with music from artists we play with. You’ll find us here:

3/7 – Couleur Café – Brussels
25/7 – Bruksellive – Brussel
5/9 – Spectakulo – Halle
18/9 – Mekitburn – Vilvoorde

Next to that we talk about the last Bedroom Beats edition before summer and drink a Dutch beer called “Hel & Verdoemenis”.

Listen again to this show through this link.

Collie Buddz – Blind To You – Columbia
Lefto – Listen – B9000
Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Shimmy Shimmy Yo – EMI
Starflam – J’étais La – Discipline
Youngblood Brass Band – Brooklyn – Ozone
Wu Tang Clan – Protect Ya Neck – Loud
Arsenal – A Volta – Wally’s Groove World
Minos Pour Main Basse (Sur La Ville) – Le Patron Est Devenu Fou – Solid
Ronny Jordan – London Lowdown (Joe Claussell Flute Dub) – Blue Note
Phoojun – Rainbow – BBE
Su-Paka-Pooh – Theme Do Yo Yo (Restless Soul Peak Time Mix) – Slip ‘n’ Slide