Radio Show 22/04/2014 – Jungle By Night special.


We have a chat with Jungle By Night‘s guitarist Jac about their new album and their gig this Saturday at Beursschouwburg. Next to that we play some of the best African tunes out of our collection. Enjoy.

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Jungle By Night – Tasmatica – Kindred Spirits
Rob – But You – Soundway
King Sunny Adé & His African Beats – Ja Funmi – Mango
Francis Bebey – Super Jungle – Ozileka
Jungle By Night – Afro Blue – Kindred Spirits
Jungle By Night - Weapon – Kindred Spirits
Ebo Taylor - African Woman – Strut
Fela Ransome-Kuti & The Africa ’70 – You No Go Die … Unless – Barclay
Johnny Haastrup – Greetings – Soundway

Asorted Beats & Bleeps 3.

Another freestyle selection of raw beats laced with the synth-sounds.

Jan Akkerman – Back To The Factory – CBS
Marsellus Pittman / Theo Parrish – African Roots – Sound Signature
Super-Jay – Super-Jay Love Theme – Counterpoint
Physical Sound Sport – Nigeria Game – Jazzy Sport
Toulouse Low Trax – Two Time Measure – Themes For Great Cities
Maxmillion Dunbar – Everyday – L.I.E.S.
Corruption House – Jump – Espera
Kraftwerk – Heimcomputer – White Label
Hypnosis – Bormaz – ZYX
Omar-S – Tecky Alexander – FXHE
Moon Birds – Parsec – Ibach
François De Roubaix – L’Adieu a l’Antarctique – Wémè

Record Shops.

This is not a buzzfeed type of post with record shops you need to visit before you die or bullshit like that. Just one list with the shops that were / are important in my own musical education and 5 tips for those that want to go beyond the usual suspects in Belgium.

My key shops:

Doctor Vinyl, Halle
During one specific period, when Didier kept it, this shop was my second home. It was when I first started earning money and it had a man behind the counter with a very similar taste as mine with whom I connected on a personal level too. It was my first big dive into the world of record collectors. I spend virtually all my Saturday afternoons there listening to records, drinking beers from the bar on the other side of the street and enjoying the many characters that passed through the shop. It’s probably why I still prefer shops before anything else. The social factor, the interaction, the influences and the sheer fun. These were also the days when Onda Sonora was born.

Kozmic Musik, Brussels
When this was still in the Rue du Midi. Kind of took over from Doctor Vinyl for me when that one closed. The Friday afternoon apero’s that happened there (and often lasted well into the night) are legendary. Coincided with me moving to Brussels. Other people go to bars, sport or other clubs to find a foothold in their new habitat, I went to a record shop. Some of my friendships that started there are still going strong. Also marks my move towards mainly second hand.

Record Collector, Antwerp
The backroom there was Onda Sonora’s kid-in-the-candystore spot. Cheap records galore. Asorted. Heaven. We’ve spent hours going through crap but found more than a few gems. Going home with more records than an UDG could hold. Paying the woman that never laughs. Having a bolleke afterwards. It’s where digging trips with our little crew started.

Soul & Dance Exchange, Nottinghill London
It still exists on the first floor of the regular record exchange a few doors down the road but it isn’t the same anymore. Found tons of 90s House, Acid Jazz and Broken Beat there for 1£ and less per record. Dragging the immense loads to Waterloo and afterwards St-Pancras.

Rush Hour, Amsterdam
Still my number one shop for new stuff. Covers my taste quite well and although I rarely visit the shop (certainly not since the direct train to Amsterdam doesn’t ride anymore) I love the personal and friendly service I get. Even though I do my business with them online it still has many of the ups of a real shop (because it is in fact one). I could go Juno but I wouldn’t get treated the same. I need to know the names of who’s serving me.

Veals & Geeks, Brussels
Love this one because I always leave with far more than anticipated. The staff is knowledgeable and likes to share and educate. Since its opening the owner has become a good friend, which is always a good sign. It’s been my introduction into going way deep into the art of buying records. Getting to know the inner workings of this world and stepping up my game.


Some tips:

Wool-E, Destelbergen
Really good one specializing in New Wave, early electronica and alike. All things 80s (influenced) with a dark edge. Really friendly owner too (which isn’t as obvious as it should be).

Hors Serie, Brussels
Monsieur Jean, Brussels
Love these two for the fair prices and the finds you can do. Can’t say I always find gems but left them both a couple of times with very reasonably priced rare Belgian New Wave, soundtracks, Moodymann, … . Visit them regularly.

Vinyl Touch, Mechelen
Atypical. Clean for one, big, friendly owner and a big stock. Again ok prices for Belgium and meaty bargain bins (not just the stuff nobody wants). A bit of a shame their outlet has ceased to exist but the one reason to visit Mechelen. If not the only.

Popcorn, Roeselare
Weird shop far away from what we in Brussels like to call civilization (but I guess Alex On-Point will disagree on this, haha). Immense stock of dance and what came before. Prices I can’t get my head around (some well overpriced, others far underpriced) but it’s well worth the drive.

Radio Show 15/04/2014 – Veals & Geeks Record Shop in the Studio.


Who else than our favourite record shop owner could we invite during the week we celebrate vinyl culture? Stan from Veals And Geeks records talks about his shops, the state of vinyl and shares with us a solid selection of records you can buy in his shop.

You can listen to this show again, all week long.

Doris – You Never Come Closer – Odeon
Air – Man Is Free – Embryo
Elis Regina – Cabaré – Philips
Alain Goraguer – Generique – Pathé
Klaus Schulze – Stardancer – Ariola

>>> Stan Veals & Geeks selection <<<
Piero Umiliani – Cinque Bambole – Cinevox
Brigitte Fontaine – Une Fois Mais Pas Deux – Superior Viaduct
Guy Cabay – A M’Vwezène – Self-Released
Le Orme – Milano 1968 – AMS
Den Sorte Skole – Did You Ever – Self-Released
Portray Heads – Elaborate Dummy – Hiruko
Raymond Rhammond & Son Orgue Hammond – Beat On The Brats – Love Mazout

Doris Norton – Norton Computer For Peace – Durium

This week we celebrate record shops.


This week we’ll celebrate vinyl culture and record shops worldwide. Our own personal grassroots way of celebrating what’s very close to our heart; vinyl records and the shops that sell them. All week long will revolve around those things. Even more than the already unhealthy dose it normally does.

On Tuesday we have Stan from Veals & Geeks in our radio studio to talk about record shops, its customers and how we should cherish them, plus we give him carte blanche to play some records after the chat.

On Saturday we’ll be behind the decks again at The first time was so much fun we’re very, very happy to be back so soon. Best online radio around, bar none. Visually even further ahead of all competition.

That evening we’ll play an all-nighter at BAAR, our favourite venue / restaurant / cocktail bar (in Gent), again bar none (lame pun intended). Come enjoy great drinks while we play our most infectious records on an extraordinary sound system.

It goes without saying that we’ll only play vinyl. Not so much because it’s basically the theme of this all but because we always do it like this (and if you need to mention it, there’s something wrong with you, your DJ-skills or your ability to make a difference as a DJ).

Do expect more little things from us during the week. Expect a mix, some posts about shops on our website & social media and more. The first things we put online is a series of photos we took during our digging trips worldwide.

Radio Show 08/04/2014 – Freddy Merckx in the Studio


A show to announce our party this Saturday called Mathématiques Modernes where we have Charnier and Android 80 performing live. We have our co-organisor and DJ Freddy Merckx as our guest in the studio to play some killer tracks with a dark edge.

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Dark Day – Windows – Dark Entries
Arabian Prince - Africanism – Sound Of Music
Polyphonic Size – Kosmik Rok – Minimal Wave
Cabaret Voltaire – Gut Level  – Les Disques Du Crépuscule
Time Zone – Wildstyle – Celluloid

>>> Freddy Merckx In The Mix <<<
Charnier – Far From The Coast – BSTR club
Android 80 – Ed Bishop – Freaksville
Sonovac - Human Fly – Output
Takis – Takis Beat – Indisc
Fad Gadget – Fireside Favourite – Aquaplanning
The Hacker - Mindgames – Tiger Sushi
Vomito Negro – Stay Alive – Etiquette
KAS Product – T.M.T. – RCA
Executive Slacks – The Bus – Red Music
Front 242 - U-men – New Dance
Berntholer - My Suitor – Blue Feather

Radio Show 01/04/2014 – DJ Sofa in the Studio


We start with a little tribute to House music original Frankie Knuckles who passed away this week and we continue with DJ Sofa who’s bringing over Minimal Wave label boss Veronica Vasicka for his party this Saturday at Les Ateliers Claus (along with a fine range of local artists / DJs).

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Robert Owens – Visions – 4th & Broadway
Frankie Knuckles – The Whistle Song – Virgin
Frankie Knuckles ft Satoshiie Tomie - Tears – FFRR
The Nightwriters – Let The Music Use You – Danica

>>> DJ Sofa in the mix <<<
The Space Lady – Synthesize Me
Borghesia- Secret Affair nr 1
s-f-x – Non-Standard Mixture
Nine Circles - Here Come I Here Is Me
Kremlyn – The Girl Is Mine
Pe Cader – Electro matratze
Smersh – The Fuse Burns
Pyrolator – Die Haut Der Frau
Mono 45/Upm – Romance Adieu
The Vyllies – Purple Gorilla
Sons Of Silence – Way Of Live

Radio Show 25/03/2014.


While we were airing our show Barack Obama landed in Brussels so we thought we’d give him a welcome. Well, advice / critique thinly veiled as a musical salute. Songs about presidents, politics and protest. For once you might have to listen closely to the lyrics and read between their lines.

You can listen to this show again, all week long.

Lonnie Liston Smith – Give Peace A Chance – Columbia
Gil Scott-Heron – Black History / The World – Arista
Chi-Lites – Inner City Blues – Brunswick
Eugene McDaniels – Headless Heroes – Atlantic
The O’Jays – This Air I Breathe – PIR
Fela And Afrika 70 – Colonial Mentality – Kalakuta
Boogie Down Productions – 9mm Goes Bang – B Boy
Eric B & Rakim – Eric B Is President – 4th & B’Way
James Brown – Funky President – Polydor
Amp Fiddler / Sly & Robbie – Paint The White House Black (Trus’me Remix) – Strut
Billy Paul – People Power – PIR

Radio Show 18/03/2014 – Reptl Wins / Thin Consolation in the Studio


This week we have Reptl Wins and Fred from Thin Consolation in the studio to talk about the first’s new EP out on the latter’s label. The Thin Consolation night at Cafe Central on April 11th where Reptl Wins will play alongside other label colleagues is mentioned as are other events, the Cosmokidz crew and lots fo other stuff. On top of that we play a lot of fresh tracks, ancient to present (call it future for those sleeping on far too much).

You can listen to this show again, all week long.

Depeche Mode - Oberkorn (It’s A Small Town) (Development Mix) – Mute
Illum Sphere – It’ll Be Over Soon – Ninja Tune
M – M’aider – MCA
Crazy Bald Heads – First Born – Text
Fura Dels Baus – Mareâ – DRO
Reptl Wins – Sittin’ Beside My Robot – Thin Consolation
Reptl Wins – Alpha Lacertae – Thin Consolation
Reptl Wins – Physical Appearance – Thin Consolation
Charles Trees – Rootwork – Lovemonk
Reptl Wins – December 81 (Reptl’s Birth) – Thin Consolation
Dobie – Cloud 98 3/4 (Black Classical Remix) – Nero
Actress - Rap – Ninja Tune
A Certain Ratio – Guess Who? – Factory Benelux

Radio Show 11/03/2014 – OUR PARTY Special


A special to announce OUR PARTY this Saturday at Chez Jacques. Jonthan behnd the decks and we talking nonsense.

You can listen to this show again, all week long.

Jestofunk – I’m Gonna Love You
Sure Thing – Holding You Tight
T.C. Curtis – You Should Have Known Better
Rayko – Getting You Down
Jan Leslie Holmes – I’m your superman
Alex Wilson – Ain’t Nobody
Omar-S – Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself
Combo – Sugah
Balil – Nort Route
Ron Trent – Crossroads