Playlist Radio Show 02/09/2009

This week some fresh stuff we haven’t been able to fit in before like the orchestral rework of an über-Dilla-classic, the fantastic new âme and a killer track from the new Doom LP. Plus some unsigned goodies from Pursuitgrooves and Dr. J. And the usual classics that may not really be classic but should be. Like an old LFO one on Warp that could fit in nicely with the current beat music.

Just in case you’re wondering why; we’ll keep playing stuff from the new Paul White album until everyone recognises it’s great. Album’s out by the way. Go get it.

Listen to the show live between 10 and 11pm Central European Time (98.8fm or online). Or through the streaming all week after that.

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson And Carlos Nino – Fall In Love ( Mochilla )
Pursuit Grooves – Renewabilities ( CDR )
DOOM – Rap Ambush ( Lex )
Paul White – Alien Nature ( One-Handed Music )
LFO – Loch Ness ( Warp )
Change – Got To Get Up ( Atlantic )
BB and Q Band – Genie ( PTG )
Blue Moderne – Do That Again ( Atlantic )
The Undisputed Truth – Atomic Funk ( Whitfield )
Jan Leslie Holmes – I’m Your Superman ( ITH Records )
Dr. J – Double Booked ( CDR )
World Power Feat. Althea McQueen – I’m Happy ( Cardiac Records )
Ame – Setsa ( Innervisions )
Round One – I’m Your Brother ( Street Records )