Playlist Radio Show 06/10/2009 – Umbrelladelika Special

This week we look back on the successful first edition of RELEASE with excerpts of all the gigs and some of the most popular tunes of the night. On top of that we’ve got Julien aka Harry Poppins aka Shepherd from Umbrelladelika Records in the studio.

We stumbled upon that mighty fine Brussels based label in our search for interesting music to play at RELEASE. The always ahead of the game Lefto pointed us in Shepherd’s direction and we discovered there was much more to enjoy. Their first release is actually so fine I feel a bit ashamed I didn’t discover this sooner. It’s a compilation of edgy music that will appeal to all aficionados of off-centre Electronica, Indie sounds and leftfield Hiphop. Nicely packaged and everything. You can still order it on their website.

Apart from releasing music they also organise events. Like the Global Local festival happening this Saturday around the canal in Brussels. Check out the website because it’s another feast for people who like forward thinking music and art.

The next release they’ll be doing is an EP, on vinyl, by Egon Fisk. But there’s much more to come. We had a nice chat with Julien about this all and more.

Listen live between 10 and 11pm CET on fm brussel (98.8fm) or through this link all week after it has been aired.

Track List:
Weedy – Beats And Pieces ( CDR )
Toma – That New York Feeling ( CDR )

>>> looking back on RELEASE <<<
I-sa feat. Oddlaner – Glider / Live at Release ( CDR )
Infinitskills – Unknown / Live at Release (CDR )
J To The C – Nono / Live at Release ( CDR )
Dyno – Unknown / Live at Release ( CDR )
San Soda – Unknown /Live at Release ( CDR )

Title – Caravan ( CDR )

>>> Umbrelladelika / interview with Julien <<<
Egon Fisk – Acip Lelien Hungmeister ( Umbrelladelika )
Tep – Titid ( Umbrelladelika )
O for Odetta – Horribly Exciting ( Umbrelladelika )
Tidy Kid – Angehüpft ( Umbrelladelika )

Bioniq – Spirit-Fu ( CDR )
Panzer Kunst – Decade ( CDR )
1352 – Target : Space ( CDR )
Strandmusic – Hiphop June 20092 ( CDR )