Playlist Radio Show 13/04/2010

Usually we do a RELEASE special with only Belgian bedroom artist productions but because we’ve got quite a few mixes online already and the fact that we’ve been neglecting the fresh international music a bit due to all the attention we are giving our event, I thought it better to mix both. This way the quality of those local unsigned tracks will be tested. If they don’t look bleak compared to Dimlite, Paul White, Funkineven or Roska production we’re on the right path. Judge for yourself and let me know. I’ve marked the RELEASE tracks with an (*).

Apart from all that you’ll hear also a track from Princess Freesia, newly made Soul music we like a lot. Give that a check and if you like it and have a label sign the lady. Been on constant repeat at the Onda Sonora HQ.

Listen live between 10 and 11pm (Brussels time) on fm brussel (98.8fm or online) or listen to the show through streaming all week after it has been aired.

Dimlite – Elbow Flood – Now Again
Underwater Productions – Heardtek – CDR (*)
Mux Mool – Wolf Tone Symphony (Paul White Remix) – Ghostly Intl
Oddlaner – Uno Junk (360 version) – CDR (*)
Dean High feat Fata – Speciaal – Eigen Beheer
UpHigh Collective – Blend – On Point (*)
Leonard Dstroy feat Brother Of Moses & Reggie B – Hypnotized – Eigen Beheer
Fatima – Soul Glo – Eglo
Princess Freesia – Honey D, Bunny T – CDR
O For Odetta – Traffic – Caoutchou (*)
Eskmo feat Swan – Lands and Bones – Warp
Gyto feat Senz – Piano Omen – CDR (*)
Forensics – Untitled Rhythm (This One Remix) – CDR (*)
SubReachers – soOther – CDR (*)
DJ Naughty – Quicktime (Roska Remix) – Roska Kicks & Snares