Playlist Radio Show 15/09/2009 – Fm Brussel Outside Special

Tonight we’re doing something special with our radio show and the one that comes after it. That’s Uphill Sound Station and we’re both playing at the FM Brussel Outside event this Sunday. So to promote it and to introduce each other to one another’s audience we thought we should give them 1/2h of our time and take the same amount of theirs. We start both shows after which they take over and deliver their trademark Jamaican vibe. If the fun we had yesterday recording this is anything to go by with the event itself is going to be banging.

Fm Brussel Outside is an event taking place when no cars are allowed to ride in Brussels. This happens twice a year and has become a true people’s event with lots of things happening, lots of cats in the streets and happy faces everywhere. When we heard Fm Brussel had bought a double-decker bus, all the dreams that popped into our heads after having a wicked time at Norman Jay’s Good Times Sound System at Nottinghill Carnival a couple of years ago, all of a sudden didn’t seem so outlandish anymore. We managed to convince the ├╝bernice people in charge of our radio station to follow us into that and we got the bus and a Funktion One sound. As we are eager to share such a pleasure with others we asked some other dj’s we like a lot who have a show on the station to join us. All bassheads pur sang. And they all happily agreed. Be sure to check out their radio shows because they are all killers in their genre.

Uphill Sound Station
Laid Back
Back To Niceness
Onda Sonora

The weather-forecasts are good for Sunday so it looks perfect. As it is outside rain would spoil the fun big time but if the weathermen are any good it’s going to be dry and even warm. The bus will be parked next to the Skatepark Ursulinen which you can find near the Kappelekerk / Place de la Chapelle, on top of the entrance of the north-south railway tunnel (south entrance). It even got a funky and hip Bonom streetart masterpiece. Wicked location no doubt. Entrance is of course free. Drinks will be provided by our friends of Merlo (a lovely bar you can find on the Vismet square). The good times will be made by yourself. See you there from noon till 7pm.

Feel free to invite all your friends to this event through Facebook.

Listen live between 10 and 11pm CET on fm brussel (98.8fm) or through this link all week after it has been aired.

Onda Sonora – 10 to 11pm

>>> Onda Sonora Selection
Elektroorgel – Brainscape ( CDR )
Juju & Jordash – Deep Blue Meanies ( Dekmantel )
Inverse Cinematics – Detroit Jazzin’ ( Pulver )
Alexander Hope – Share / Tommy Musto Remix ( HOTT )
Domu & Yannah Valdevit – City Madness ( Development )
Matoe & Matos – NY Style ( Spiritual life Music )
Liz Torres – Music ( Jive )

>>> Uphill Selection

Uphill Sound Station – 11 to 12pm

>>> Onda Sonora Selection
Digi Design – Joker ( Hyperdub )
Mark Pritchard & Om’Mas Keith – Wind It Up ( Hyperdub )
Jsquared – My Eyes Need You ( CDR )
LuiGi – Graditude ( CDR )
Boogie Down Productions – The Bridge Is Over ( B-Boy )
Samiyam – Moon Shoes ( Hyperdub )
LL Cool J – Booming System ( Def Jam )
Rashaan Patterson – Where You Are / Silk’s Old Skool Mix ( MCA )
Gap Band – Outstanding ( Total Experience )

>>> Uphill Selection