Playlist Radio Show 18/08/2009

This week Bart, aka myself, is back in the studio to select some tunes. Albeit not fully awake I must admit. Didn’t have blank CD’s to burn the new tracks I got for Release and forgot the ones I already burned. Still some vacation left in my head, I guess. So sorry to Walrus and others but your tracks will be played in the weeks to come. I had to slip in a SBTRKT remix to get the mix going. He’s somewhat of a bedroom producer himself. A London one.

And a little tip for all who sends us beats. Tag your files. Not sure the Dyno tracks is correctly titled but it’s not the original “Fuh Real” and I got it from a CD LuiGi gave me with no info whatsoever. So I deduced it’s a Infinitskills remix. Might be wrong though.

The rest of the playlist consists out of dusted of (should be) classics and a Simbad track because we play with him next Saturday. Our hour was over far before we would have wanted it to be.

Listen live between 10 and 11pm CET on fm brussel (98.8fm) or through this link all week after it has been aired.

Desire – Busted ( SAM )
Ronny Jordan – Cool And ( Funky Antilles )
Donny Hathaway – Valdez In The Country ( Atco )
D’Angelo – Devils Pie / Simbad Remix ( Gamm )
Cameo – Back And Forth ( PolyGram )
Donald Banks – Status Quo ( 4th & Broadway )
Teena Marie – I’m A Sucker For You Love ( Motown )

>>> Release Selection <<<
San Soda – Ode Aan De Nacht ( We Play House )
Title – Caravan ( CDR )
Dyno – Fuh Real / InfinitSkills Remix ( CDR )
Dr Kwest – Le Sappeur ( CDR )
Goldie – Inner City Life / Sbtrkt Remix ( White )
Wickzzz – Indi Pendent ( CDR )