Playlist Radio Show 25/08/2009

This week we play lots of new stuff and a few classics. To celebrate the fact I ordered my massive collection of promo-mp3’s and wav’s. Managed to spill water on my laptop yesterday so I’m not sure how long I will enjoy all the work I’ve put in it. Hoping it’ll get all dried up and working again before I start it up in a few days. I’ve got bad technical karma or something because I seem to have troubles with most things electric. Or I’m just clumsy. Also a possibility.

Anyway, we play some more tunes we got for RELEASE, tracks from the excellent new Linkwood and Natural Self albums and some other deep grooves we love.

Listen live between 10 and 11pm CET on fm brussel (98.8fm) or through this link all week after it has been aired.

In the meantime I’ll go and burn a candle in my local church. Not that I’m catholic but anything to get my computer fixed. Even considering joining my neighbours in their Ramadan. Anything to get my iBook working again.

Grace Jones – Ja Guys ( Island )
Natural Self – The Origin ( Tru-Thoughts )
Toma – Just Imagine ( CDR ) >>> RELEASE tune
Monkeymusician – Ekranizacija ( CDR ) >>> RELEASE tune
Title – Chessboxin’ ( CDR ) >>> RELEASE tune
Funkineven – Mad Swing! ( Eglo )
Linkwood – Falling ( Prime Numbers )
Cottam 1 – Side A ( White )
Bill Withers – You Got The Stuff ( Columbia )
Elan Mehler – New Breed / Dobie Remix ( CDR )
Demetrio Giannice – Whatididwithmikeswavetone5 ( Third Ear )
Walrus – Roffle ( CDR ) >>> RELEASE tune