The thing that made me realise that we’re onto something with Our Party isn’t the incredible sound, the number of people showing up, certainly not if any hipsters were in the room or the fact we had an awful lot of very lovely ladies on our dance floor. Nope, it’s the smiles that make me realise that people get our goal naturally, without us needing to explain anything. The people on the dance floor enjoying our music, dancing their ass off and sharing their joy with others. The people helping us out voluntarily and enjoying being part of Our Party, not taking it as a job but as a pleasure. That makes me happy. That gives me energy and motivation to make the next one even better.

Well, not that I mind getting compliments, people asking me about the music or getting suggestions for the next edition which we got plenty. Haha. That next one will happen on July 3rd, same venue, same concept but this time with guests. Our good friend Rainer Trüby behind the decks and the brilliant Vanessa Freeman singing. Plus a bbq and more summer activities. We’ll announce the details soon enough.

And to all who think it makes sense to say ‘Sorry, but I couldn’t make it for a reason (which can never sound convincing to me)’. You shouldn’t feel sorry about your choices. If you do that means you made the wrong one. If you made your choice for good reasons I respect that. Saying you feel sorry just states ‘your party just didn’t seem cool / good / attractive enough to attend so I went for something else but please don’t be mad at me’. A bit silly and probably sending out a message you don’t want to (or so I hope). Just wanted to make that clear because I got an awful lot of those. Just show up next time if your conscience is that troubled.

Rests me to give a special shout to everyone helping out and certainly to Jonathan for lending us his mixer. I could fall in love with that DJR400. Although I’ll prefer a full rotary with isolators per channel if I can be really picky. That’s for when we get the Bozak I guess. Being blasé about mixers is nice by the way. Haha. And last but certainly not least, big up to Nick and my Onda Sonora family for the nice job done.