Kennis With Benefits

In the good old days releasing your music, spreading a mix you made, letting strangers know you like something was, to say it euphemistically, a tad more difficult. That was in the days before the internet. Nowadays everyone who thinks something is a good idea lets it loose into the world seconds after that thought. Rarely a winner.

I’m allergic to people putting their Youtube discoveries onto their Facebook account as if they have discovered that tune themselves. Like they did the A&R of it. Only if you found some gems diggin’ crates and putting it in a mix afterwards you’ll get respect from me. Unearthing tunes on the net is easy and for pussies. Certainly if you haven’t got it in your music collection. Then you’re beyond pussy.

Same goes for tunes and edits on Soundcloud and alike. The crap I hear on that makes you wonder if people have ears or a brain. People editing perfectly good songs into something awful is more than common. Others releasing a new track every other day too. How on earth can you make a good track every single day ? Or are you all more talented than Tom Moulton, Dilla or Moodymann. I don’t think so.

Rests mixes to rant about. Poor choice of tracks (going for the hipness to the point of just ripping them of Deviation including Benji’s jingles), mixed without a soul using Ableton (takes you 20 minutes for a 80 minutes mix, something is clearly wrong with that, don’t you think) and forgetting that having a flow, storytelling and coherence are basic and very important qualities for a mix. All rather the norm than exception.

Positive thing about all this is that it makes you cherish the rare nuggets of gold even more. My man Jazz has clearly understood what less is more means. His ‘Kennis With Benefits‘ mix is a rare example of an enjoyable mix with quality and a refreshing selection of tracks nicely put together. Check it out, cherish it and try to ignore the mediocrity around you. I recommend Klipsch earbuds. Not only for their far superior sound quality but also because they cancel out most of the noise around you.

Note: I’m not against the net. I like using Discogs to find out more about tunes I like, I love the wealth of info on the DJHistory forum, I love getting in contact with a few likeminded cats I wouldn’t have met otherwise. But sometimes it makes me want to punch people in the nose.