Some Beat Music We Recommend

Ras G & the Afrikan Space Program / Samiyam – Los Angeles 3/10 (All City Dublin)
Not always into what both of these artists do but this is certainly a winner. The ‘Fishsticks’ track is the standout one for me but there’s more tasty beat business to enjoy on this EP. Nice one.

Onra – Long Distance (All City Dublin)
We’re massive 80s Soul / Boogie fans and this is right up our alley. Nothing revolutionary but simply quality music. All City on a roll lately.

Dimilte – Prismic Tops (Now Again)
Probably the most brilliant thing we’ve heard this year. So ahead of the competition it probably gets overlooked (like most of the man’s work) but sublime to the point it makes you want to stop making music. In a league of its own. You need this album.

Daedelus – Righteous Fist Of Harmony (Brainfeeder)
Another sound wizard that doesn’t get the props he deserves. Edgy, mood music to get lost in. Far from instant but that’s a good thing. It means you won’t be tired of it after 2 spins.

Funkineven – She’s Acid / Must Move (Eglo)
We don’t mind retro-sounding music but we love it if you can give your influences a twist. This is just that. Warped 80s synths making music of today. ‘Must Move’ is an absolute banger.

Beta Hector feat. Dionne Charles – Payback (Tru-Thoughts)
Rarely feeling newly made vintage sounding Deep Funk records these days. Not even all that thrilled about the latest Sharon Jones album. But this is the exception. So off the hook it’s fresher than most music intended to sound like it’s from the future. Absolute stormer of a tune. Another one you definitely need in your box.

Ty – Special Kind Of Fool (BBE)
Always excited when this artist releases an album. Always keeping it interesting, always moving forward. Combining skills as an MC with a nose for excellent backing beats. Great album. As were all his previous.