Get Down With The Philly Sound

Just when you have given hope on a concept there’s always something to restore the faith in it. I stopped checking Disco edits a while ago as most of them are lame tweaks of songs that should be left alone or they are imitations of The Revenge edits (which I rarely like when done by the man himself). But then comes Dimitri From Paris with “Get Down With The Philly Sound”. Released through BBE.

The concept is simple. BBE let Dimitri loose onto the Philadelphia International catalogue to re-edit. Resulting in 4 double vinyls. All worth the hard earned gold nuggets they go for. The edits are all done with great respect for the original tunes and definitely made from a DJ’s perspective. Making 12” edits where there wasn’t one before this, not redoing what Tom Moulton did better back in the days.

What I love about this release are the quality liner-notes explaining how and why the edits were done. In the meantime being a major lesson for all aspiring editors. I learnt a lot from liner-notes on BBE releases. I’m a big fan of this release and, going by the fact that nearly every DJ at Southport played tracks from it, I’m not the only one. Expect this to be stuck into our box for a very long time.

Be sure to check the documentary and the promo mix. All quality.