Welcome to our new site. We made this one because we like to change but also because we thought the old one could use some improvement. We hope the adjustments will make it easier to read and to find what you want to read again. Stylistically it’s a big move forward we think.

All the mixes, music and videos we made and pictures we took and want to share with you are available by clicking on the links in the right column. Those will direct you to our Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Vimeo (currently Youtube but that will change) and Flickr accounts.  Underneath that you’ll find the links to our social accounts, our upcoming gigs, the possibility to subscribe to our newsletter and some handy other functions.

In the horizontal navigation bar you’ll find more info about us, our activities and the ways to get in touch with us. The blog will keep running but will concentrate more on news about ourself and more in-depth info about the music we like. Short info about stuff we like will be found on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Because this is a pretty drastic change behind the scenes we lost most of the old posts. The ones we thought were interesting enough to keep have been moved to the new site. All the play lists of our radio show, the interviews we did with Andrew from PPU and Dâm-Funk and the guide to where to buy your music have been transferred.  The site has been running parallel to the old one to test so the posts from the last few weeks are on here too.

Hope you like this switch. Let us know what you think about it by commenting or sending us a mail.