Onra – Long Distance

An album we recommend very firmly is Onra’s latest. ‘Chinoiseries’, ‘1.0.8’ and the EPs he has released are all among our favourite instrumental Hiphop / beatminded releases. With ‘Long Distance’ he takes it all up a notch including some songs next to the many MPC compositions. The title track is already a hit at Onda Sonora HQ. Olivier Daysoul’s voice, who you might know from his work with Heralds Of Change / Hudmo, fits the 80s influenced beats like a glove. But there are many other gems on this double LP.

For people who love 80s Soul & Electric Boogie and can take a little boombap every now and then this is gold. Go check it out.

Only comment we have is that he should go easy on the BB&Q Band samples. Leave some for us. Haha.