Introducing Sean P

In a series of putting the spotlight on people, bands, labels & other players in the music scene that might not be at the centre of the current hype but nonetheless are very relevant to us. Because we don’t think we should wait before something happens to them before paying attention to them. Some need someone’s death before remembering how good they were but we’re not going out like that.

We started with Joey Negro and now we continue with somebody similar. Sean P. No, not that silly MC but the English cratedigging don. You might know him as compiler (often together with Joey Negro) of excellent collections as ‘DiscoNotDisco’ (on Strut), ‘Disco Spectrum 3’ (on BBE) or ‘Originals Volume 3’ (on Claremont 56). That last one is only a few months old and serves some superfine and to me mostly unknown Boogie. It’s rare that a compilation with music I’ve been collecting for more than a while now can baffle me as much as that one did. It’s beyond killer. You need that (if you still can find it, that is, because strictly limited business).

But he’s not only a master selector. He made some top edits. Still playing his Sandy’s Gang one (out on Tirk) very regular. You’ll find some others on the many compilations he and Dave lee put together.

And he’s a superb DJ. Well, if you like to dance to quality, obscure music. I know not everybody enjoys to be surprised as much as we do and likes points of recognition. At the last Southport Weekender Sean P. kept us dancing for 2 hours on sublime Boogie I hadn’t heard before. Loved every single minute of it.

Another thing I like about him is his absence in the online world.