Roy Ayers In Our Radio Show

We’ve just gotten confirmation that Roy Ayers will visit our radio studio tonight for an interview and maybe even short live session. It’s clear that we’re more than a little excited about this. This man’s music has been a constant inspiration for us and his drive and energy an example. We go live between 10 and 11pm.

If you want to know a little more about the man’s legacy we advise you to dig up the Waxpoetics issue 7 or use Google.

If you wonder why he’s in Brussels. Tomorrow, Wednesday June 9th, he’ll perform at the Indigo studio’s thanks to Cris Prolific and his Bluefunk District. All info about it here.

As a short soundwise preparation for this all an edit on top of this post of Roy’s collaboration with Fela Kuti which I rediscovered in my own collection while preparing the show. It blew me away completely. Forgotten how good it is. Was even a bit bummed I wouldn’t be able to share the full 17 minutes and a bit. This way I come half way. Enjoy.

And reach out tonight on Twitter, Facebook or mail. All contact info on this site.