Loose Ends – Slow Down

The UK definitely had some killer Soul acts in the 80s. Not talking about Rick Astley but rather about Soul II Soul, Sade and alike. One of the slightly lesser known acts, Loose Ends, produced my absolute favourite song of that era. Most people will have heard their slow burner ‘Hanging on A String’ but they’ve produced another mid tempo tune that’s top. ‘Slow Down’ has all the elements. Synths, vocal stabs, swinging drum computer beat, quality vocalists and a chorus that gets stuck in your head and won’t leave it before long. Even the extended version isn’t long enough for me. Haha.

Love the clip too. There are better sounding videos on the net but this one really reflects the period. 80s chique. Gotta love it. And those 80s dance moves have got to come back.