The Weekend Report

Hot. That is what last weekend was. In many ways. Le Tavernier can be steaming hot even on winter days but last Saturday it was ridiculous and with some spotlights on your face it was even worse. But can’t say I minded that too much. Opening for Dâm-Funk is always an honour. He’s one of the friendliest and most respectful artists we’ve played with. And an extraordinary performer like he proved once again at the Bluefunk District party. Heard a lot of killer new tracks (like the tunes he has done with Steve Arrington) and loved his vocoder / keytar bits. He got the place to a boiling point. A bit of a shame so many people left after his performance because Defi J played some very fine Funk records afterwards. Like Dâm-Funk he’s a true gentleman and deep into his music. It was inspiring to be in such company. Big up to Cris, Defi J, Dâm-Funk, Jean, everyone at le Tavernier, the Allphon collective, Karl & Lieve and all who came down and danced. (picture above this post is taken by Dominique from the Allphon crew)

Sunday noon came quickly and it took a couple of glasses of bubbles and Sarah’s freshly made Strawberry Daiquiri’s to get going but the celebration of the second anniversary of our radio show was a blast. I could spend most of my life in record shops and certainly at Veals & Geeks. Even if it’s that hot. Heard lots of good music, had some nice chats and enjoyed the nonsense Stan told everyone. Big up to Stan, Maxim, Sarah, Karl, Jonathan, Billy, Laurent, Lander, Jan, Jazz, Veerle, Alex, Gunter, Tom, Maarten, Isabel, Eric, Jean, Gina and everyone else who came say hello. We’ll do this more often. And big up to Yoeri, Lieve and Dieter for making the radio show every week for 2 years now.