Big Up To Everyone

Big, big, big up to everyone that turned up on Saturday for what was the best OUR PARTY up until now. Great atmosphere, lots of dancing and lots of sheer fun. Nice to see some cats coming from London especially for this like my brother from another mother Phil Cooper. Big up to Rainer and Vanessa for the excellent music and heavy partying. Big up to Sarah and Lieve, queens of our barbecue. Big up to Joris, Steffen, Karl, Jonathan and all who helped with the preparations during the afternoon. Big up to everyone who helped us behind bar and barbecue. Big up to Dieter, Yoeri, Nick and everyone involved in organising. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

Next edition will be held on October 30th and will be with Phil Asher as our special guest. Promising to be another killer edition, no doubt.

You can find some pictures here.