Some Music We Recommend

Although I feel 2010 isn’t as strong as the precious years when it comes to new Music, there’s still lots of good stuff available in the shops. Let me give you a little roundup of current releases we like at the Onda Sonora HQ.

Blackjoy – Erotis – Blackjoy
We’ve been playing ‘Untitled’ (on Freerange), ‘Jump, Stomp & Twist’ (on Supra) and certainly the Restless Soul mix of ‘Metalbossa’ when they came out. So it was a pleasant surprise to find their new album in our mailbox. Big up to the management for that. Certainly because it’s a good longplayer. A fresh take on Disco from people who have looked beyond the clichés. With a more ‘live’ approach to making music than most makers of dance music have, it reminds me a bit of Trus’me’s last one. Maybe a tad more to the pop side. Which is refreshing in a time when everyone seems to go for ultimate deepness or bland formulaic overproducing. This chooses a path in between. A path I appreciate. Really nice effort.

I:Cube – Mérovingienne – Versatile
More music from the country just South of Belgium. This man should need no introduction (if you don’t know him get yourself schooled urgently). This is a 3-track EP with quality moody deepness. References to Detroit are all too easy. For me this is true French House. The kind Pépé Bradock also makes. Seriously edgy but at the same time banging hard.

Jimmy Edgar – Hot, Raw, Sex EP – K7!
Jimmy Edgar – Hush EP – Glasstable

Two EPs bringing you House music with a heavy nod to Electro (the one originated by Bambaataa and Arthur Baker). Midtempo burners to moody uptempo stuff. Check out all this man’s releases. Definitely worth it. And the Hush EP has one of the few Kyle Hall cuts on it I really dig. For that alone it’s worth mentioning.

Various – Tokyo Connection EP – Yore
Three Japanese cats with a firm Detroit House fixation. But who cares where people are from or have taken their inspiration as long as it’s good. This release certainly qualifies as that. I’ve been a Rondenion fan for a while now and I’ve been wondering where this No Milk dude was from. Kez Ym is new to me but he sure knows how to craft a warm yet banging tune. Nice one from Yore.

Various – The Defenders Of The Deep House World – Third Ear
Probably the most corny title they could think of but luckily the music on the EP is way better than the name of it. A selection of Detroit House greats (Rick Wade, Rick Wilhite, Norm Talley and Mike Huckaby) delivering what you have come to expect from them. Like lots of Fender Rhodes. Deep House indeed but far from bland. I could listen to this kind of music for days on end.