Playlist Radio Show 03/08/2010

This week there will be little to no presentation. Dieter sprained his foot while dismanteling the Bruksellive infrastructure and Yoeri and Lieve are enjoying the rest of their holiday. So it was Bart going solo in the studio and he didn’t feel confident enough to mix and talk. That’s just too many faders and buttons for the poor guy. So, sorry about that.

But this music only show doesn’t need to be less interesting because of that. Expect lots of (relatively) new or exclusive tracks with a bonafide classic from Japan slipped into the mix. Starting off moody and ethereal and making an abrupt switch to banging with the new Funkineven. Enjoy.

Listen live between 10 and 11pm (Brussels time) on fm brussel (98.8fm or online) or listen to the show through streaming all week after it has been aired.

Amy Winehouse – Love Is A Losing Game (Dobie Remix) – CDR
T.Hemingway – Dirty – Jus Like Music
Throwing Snow – Bring Me Back – CDR
SubReachers – Tunnel Vision (Dub Version) – CDR
Arp 101 – Dead Leaf – Eglo
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Seoul Music – Alfa
Funkineven – A Heart Pound – Eglo
Beautiful Swimmers – Give It All You Got – Future Times
Kink – Blueprint – Hour House Is Your Rush
Ame – Junggesellenmaschine – Innervisions
Mike Huckaby – The Deep House World – Third Ear
Lone – Pineapple Crush – Magic Wire