Burkina Som Sistema / Spectakulo

The first weekend of September will be a big one for us. We’ll play both Friday and Saturday at 2 very fine events.

The first one is called Burkina Som Sistema and is organised to raise money for Burkina Faso. Place to be is JH Nijdrop in Opwijk. Thrilled to play there since we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of their new venue when we checked Nosaj Thing a few months ago. It’s one of the best we’ve ever seen (soundwise + architectural). But we’re also glad we can support Koen (aka Kong from Kong & Cortez) in this nice initiative. We’ll play in the small room together with Lefto, Jonni Gratts and Kong & Cortez. All into you need on the website. We’ll play from 23h till 1h.

The day after that we go back to where it all started for us. JH Eenders. Making it a youth centre themed weekend. To play at the festival we helped getting founded and becoming what it is now; Spectakulo. We’ve played at every single edition except last year’s which was the 10th edition and we felt quite bad about that. But this year we’ll make it up big time. We’ll play inside the youth centre together with Soul Rebel, Phonetics and Lefto. Which is a big line-up in our book. And that all for free. During the afternoon we’ll play some tunes too. Very much looking forward to this.

Hope to see you at one of, or even better, both these nice events.