Immers & Daarentegen

Sunday afternoon usually is my lazy period of the week. But not yesterday. Forced myself to head to Ghent’s Culture Club instead. To attend San Soda’s ‘Immers & Daarentegen’ ablum release party. Together with a firm Onda Sonora delegation.

Planted my ass in a couch and enjoyed Olivier Tsjoen, Lenny and San Soda’s DJ-sets. Drinking apple juice. Saw quite a few familiar faces. Had a few nice chats about Discogs, Apple Cider and what certainly is not the best beer in the world. All in all an enjoyable afternoon.

The album, which was only available in CD-format yesterday, looks mighty fine. And sounds just the same. Quite a few tracks that come from the WPH 12”s that made San Soda’s name plus some brand new ones. Those last ones will be released on a separate vinyl. As always vinyl heads are treated as it should be by We Play House Recordings.

The CD-release has 1 disc with San Soda’s ‘Immers & Daarentegen’ album and 1 disc with a Red D mix giving you an overview of what the label has to offer. Even got some tracks in it that aren’t yet released.

It should be unnecessary to say you need this. Because you simply need all WPH-releases. I’m a very proud owner myself of all WPH / San Soda releases up until now. Even got some very limited affairs. Like the to 300 pieces limited Summer special 12”. A joint release by WPH and Lany recordings. Pre-order it here.

01. Juno Love
02. Interlude: Milieutechnologie 1
03. Quilombo
04. Evaluation Of The Evidence (short version)
05. Interlude: Kousevoetjes
06. Hypocrisy
07. Something About Compression
08. Let’s Go
09. Interlude: Milieutechnologie 4
10. Doorsnee
11. Cocomo
12. Interlude: NLST
13. Shouts In Peace
14. Kylie Bling
15. NMBSucks
16. Timbapunk

A1. Juno Love
A2. Something About Compression
A3. Cocomo
A4. Kylie Bling
B1. Shouts In Peace
B2. NMBSucks
B3. Timbapunk