New Dates Added

We’ve added some very exciting dates to our roster.

Like a gig at the Klarafestival on Monday September 13th. We’re playing at Bozar before and after the Ansatz Der Maschine gig who are reinterpreting Gustav Mahler (who’s the central theme of the festival). We’re very excited to be part of this. Although it will be Yoeri solo for this one as Bart will be trying to buy all the good records Chicago has in it shops early September. It’s always nice to be able to highlight another facet of our love for music.

The other confirmed gig is way back at the end of November when we play at Le Tavernier for the Cris Prolific’s Clap Sessions. These are the Wednesday night concert sessions happening at that nice bar uptown. We’ll play after the Moiano gig. Always an honour to play in this context. Check the rest of the program too. Some killer gigs lined up for y’all.

Here’s an overview of all our confirmed dates for the last months of 2010:
20.08.10 | Bar Du Matin | Forest
03.09.10 | Burkina Som Sistema | Opwijk
04.09.10 | Spectakulo | Halle
13.09.10 | Klarafestival |Brussels
25.09.10 | Mekitburn | Vilvoorde
30.10.10 | Our Party | Brussels
24.11.10 | Clap Sessions | Ixelles