Bar Du Matin

This Friday we’ll play at Bar Du Matin again. Always big fun. Nicest looking bar in town, friendly barstaff, a crowd with a need to dance and quite a few hot looking girls. Excellent ingredients for a steaming Onda Sonora set. Theme of the night this time is Nottinghill Carnival. We’ll prepare you and ourselves for the London summer festivities of the weekend after this one. Expect lots of Reggae, Soul, some West-London uptempo bangers, some UK Garage, Dubstep and even some Jungle / Drum ‘n Bass. Yep, we’ll be doing a “Norman Jay” as we like to call it. Except the cheesy House he likes to play. Haha. The last weekend of August you’ll find an almost complete Onda Sonora crew at his Good Times Soundsystem a few times, no doubt. Drinking Red Stripe and taking in their share of bass heavy music.