Reading Matter

As an RBMA alumni it’s only normal San Soda’s upcoming album gets some shine on their website. Nice little interview. We’ll have him and Red D in our radio show on September 7th for an in-depth talk about their plans accompanied by lots of music, of course.

Mr. Beatnick wrote another of his essential guides. This time about Theo Parrish. Can’t argue with his words. Well written and giving you a good overview of the man’s work up until now.

Although this is essentially about the ‘plus one’ a guest can take with him, most of the point being made go for guests in general. Certainly point no. 3 has been pulled multiple times on us by some cheap ass DJs in our scene. You know who you are. Guess what the answer’s going to be next time?

Don Letts dropping some knowledge in the Guardian. This reply on one of the statements by Andrew Dubber makes some valid points but I think that how bigger the supply, the more the proportion between crap and great leans over in favour of the former. But that’s nitpicking anyway. Don Letts’ tells more truth in these couple of sentences than most do in a 20 page essay.