Fm Brussel Outside

On Sunday September 19th Brussels bans cars from its roads again for almost an entire day. Last year we claimed with the help of our radio station an area of the city, put their double decker bus there with a sound system in front of it and had a little party. This year we’ll do exactly the same. At Place Poelaert (in front of our enormous Palais de Justice). So take your bike or skates or put on your walking shoes and come have a party with us and a lot of our radio colleagues. Needless to say this is all free.

For all who’s on Facebook, feel free to invite your friends

12-13 – Dub Front
13-14 – Back To Niceness (dj Kwak)
14-15 – Laid Back
15-16 – 54 Kolaktiv (Azaryx)
16-17 – SupAfly (Miki B2B Fatoosan)
17-18 – Lost In Music (The Red Bamboo)
18-19 – Onda Sonora