It has been quiet on this website the past few weeks. That’s because our webmaster / main writer was on holiday. But now he’s back and being whipped into his former posting rhythm. Or something like that.

In the meantime the Onda Sonora family had some fine moments. The gig at Klarafestival warming up before and closing down after the Ansatz Der Machine concert. Heard lots of good stuff about both the concert and Disco Dalglish’s performance behind the decks. We also had, the last 2 radio shows, San Soda & Red D in the studio and Billy Palmier on the phone. The shows, by the way, go live since a couple of weeks. So get in touch with us through mail, twitter, facebook or the good old fashioned yellow postcard. We want some interaction. Every Tuesday between 10 and 11pm Brussels time. And last Sunday we had a lot of fun with lots of colleagues at the fm Brussel Outside event at place Poelaert. Check some pictures from that here.

Up to the future now. With some nice gigs that are lined up. Mekitburn this weekend and the fashion show at Les Petits Riens in a few weeks. Looking forward to that. Plus some other projects we’re about to announce soon.