Brussels based label is claiming the end of year. With 2 nice releases and a stellar party.

First release is the Viudmoth one with killer artwork. Music is a tad less my cup of tea but love the sleeve of this. What’s much more in my league is the split Shepherd / Baconhead 7”. Nice, deep quality beats. We’ve played both sides in our radio show.

You’ll be able to hear both artists on the Umbrelladelika! 2.0 night at Recyclart this Friday. With a lot of other nice acts like Onda Sonora favourite Fulgeance. Really nice line-up:

Sunken Foal
Herrmutt Lobby
Egon Fisk
Polle Van De Gash

Read all about it and find links to sounds and even more info on the Umbrelladelika site. Big up to Julien and crew for all this sonic niceness.