On Heavy Rotation

Some of the freshly (to be) released music we like and play. Only the premium merchandise that is.

DJ Spinna & BBE SoundsystemStrange Games & Funky Things Volume 5 BBE
All previous editions of this series were brilliant and this is no exception to the rule. Absolute must have compilation. Lots of quality, far from obvious tunes.

Horsepower Productions – Quest For The Sonic Bounty – Tempa
Superheavy Dub. Not the macho stuff served by bandwagon jumping youngster but the uncut version brewed by some of the originators of Dubstep.

Fritz da Groove ft. Hubert Tubbs – It’s Alright / Sunshine – Pep Sounds
Authentic House music it says in the press talk and we can’t argue with that. Killer vocal House not that far from what Nu Groove used to release.

Jazz Neversleeps – Getta 2 Getta / Natte Vinger – On Point Records
Homegrown stuff. Natte Vinger is Theo Parrish inspired House we like a lot. Should’ve been pressed on 12” instead of 7” because the song is way too short. But that’s a positive critique.

Billy Palmier – Sure Shot EP – Citywurl
More beats from around the corner. Lush Soulful music you can dance too with Lefto on vocals on one of the tracks. If you liked MadeInJapan you’ll love this.

DC Salas – Peru EP – Doctor Vinyl
A third local product we’ve been playing for a while now. The Mugwump version is our favourite but this overall quality. Deep timeless House.

Fulgeance – Glamour EP – Musique Large
We’ve been fans of this man for a while now. This new release only adds to that. Brilliant MPC wizardry.

James Blake – Klavierwerke EP – R&S
He has his roots in Dubstep but has far outgrown that genre. Certainly one of the producers to watch. Keeps it exciting before genre confirming.

Letherette – EP1 – Ho_Tep
Sort of sister label to Eglo. Lovely beats on this one. A big nod to Dilla but without using it as an excuse to be Hiphop noodles. Fresh.

Maxmillion Dunbar – Cool Water – Ramp
We are absolute fans of all things Future Times. Effortlessly fusing 80s Electro Soul with current more abstract beats. This albums connects the dots between a lot of the styles we like.

Nacho Marco & Raoul Lambert – Cinnamon EP – We Play House
Anything on this label gets our “approved” stamp. “Monaco Right Now” is the stand out track for us.

Rick Wade, KSoul & Muteoscillator – EP6 – Kinda Soul
Deep Detroit House. You know we’ve got a soft spot for that. The KSoul track is the winner.

Lone – Pineapple Crush / Angel Brain – Magic Wire
New House with a firm old school twist. Does wonders on dance floors. Check other fresh releases by the man on Werk Discs and Hoya Hoya.