When we came up for the idea for RELEASE, more than a year ago, we were pretty sure we could find enough talent to fill one edition, maybe even two. We knew quite a few cats creating music, graphics or videos, so it was kind of a safe bet. But now we’re in the build-up for a third. Is that because our sources aren’t depleted yet? It sure is.

We’ve never expected the amount and certainly the quality of the music that has been shared with us so far. We’ve showcased the first two editions of our event at Beursschouwburg an impressive range of talent and we’ve found out about a lot more. To give you a small, yet far from definite overview, of the music part of RELEASE we thought it would be nice to compile a free album with tracks from people who’s music we like a lot. Not all of the guys we dig are on it, let that be clear. It’s a selection and we’ve got still a few aces up our sleeves. But it’s one we’re proud of. Get it on our Bandcamp page. It’s free.

So big thanks to JtotheC, Billy Palmier, Versatell, MonkeyRobot, Toma, Weedy, 72Soul, UpHigh Collective, Panzer Kunst, SkyFix, SubReachers, Shepherd, 1352 and Title. All killer no fillers. If you want to read more about it check the newly refurbished RELEASE site.There’s lots more to discover. Like a link on how to participate. Because we’re on a never ending quest for more of the same quality. And big up to François Tusséki who did the artwork.

If you want to discover some of the new talent we’ve been listening to RELEASE pt. 3 at Beursschouwburg on December 11th is a must. We’ve lined up Panzer Kunst, Strand, Sagat and Lemakuhlar for you on the live music tip. We’ll focus on them in our radio show every week from yesterday until the week before the event. Check the post below for the first session with Panzer Kunst.

Rests me to thank everyone of the partners who make RELEASE what it is. Laid Back, On Point and Eckelwood.