Lots of Gigs This Week

After a couple of silent weeks for the soundsystem we’re about to start a very busy one. Lots of very interesting gigs this week. A very diverse series of sessions too. And that’s what we like.

We start on Wednesday at Clap sessions. This is the weekly midweek concert series at Tavernier organised by Cris Prolific. This week it’s Moiano who’ll be on stage with us behind the decks afterwards. Curious how much the crowd differs that day from the weekend one we’re used to. Feel free to invite all your facebook friends.

On Friday we play at Bar Du Matin again. By far our favourite bar to play at in Brussels. An always up for it crowd, tons of musical freedom and a very welcoming bar staff. This time we chose probably our most ambitious theme. Vintage Garage. That’s the early House music played at the Paradise Garage (where it got its name from) and club Zanzibar in New Jersey (where people like Tony Humphries made it flourish). Expect lots of Blaze, Kerri Chandler, Movin’ records, Paul Simpson, Ten City, Ce Ce Rogers, Adeva, Burrell brothers, Mental Instrum, Michael Watford, … . In short, mainly vocal house from between ’88 and ’93 (give or take a year). If you want a taste of it beforehand check this mix on our Mixcloud. Entrance is as always free.

We close off our little tour of Brussels with probably our biggest gig of the year. At Libertine / Supersport. On Saturday.  Where we’ll play at L-FêtesFortyFive. We’ve had some fine moments on that dance floor dancing to music played by Horse Meat Disco, Red D and Lefto so it feels nice to get behind the controls for once. Big up to Sofie and Candice for having us as guests. We’ll do everything possible to make it a banging party. Check our radio show this week. We give 5 x 2 tickets away for this killer night out.