Playlist Radio Show 30/11/2010 – Lemakuhlar in the Studio

This week we have Stijn and Tobias from Lemakuhlar in the studio. They’ve just released a track on We Play House recordings and they’ll perform a live set at RELEASE on December 11th. We talk with them about their productions and they share some of them with y’all. Big up to Ruben for the pictures of the session.

Check the radio show here (interview is in Dutch, the music is universal).

Dyno – Mick Vackey II – Surf Kill
Weedy – Beats And Pieces – CDR
74 Miles Away feat. AHU & Miles Bonny – Same Dream Again – Melting Pot Music
1352 – 20gr.duation – CDR
Lemakuhlar – Tangents – CDR
Lemakuhlar – Liser – We Play House
Lemakuhlar – Munich – CDR
Lemakuhlar – Bentubb – CDR
Lemakuhlar – Delivar Upsting With Burth – CDR