I’ve been slacking on the blog post front. Sorry for that but it are busy times with all the organising and stuff. So first up lets close off the 3rd RELEASE event we had last weekend before serving you the new stuff.

Like the previous 2 editions it was once again a big success. Lots of killer acts & art. Lots of people. Lots of fun. So big up to everyone who came down to the Beursschouwburg to hear & see lots of creativity that you probably didn’t knew before. Always nice to see so many people ready to be surprised.

Which we’re pretty sure you were because even we, who knew a bit more about the artists involved beforehand, didn’t expect it to be so good. No need to name favourites as it would be a darn difficult thing to do. Enjoyed what KIP, Caroline Lessire, Jérémie Gasparutto, Jozef Devillé, Noëmie Nicolas, Lander Lenaerts, Fabien Delathouwer, Alex Deforce, Panzer Kunst & COAX VJs, Strand, Sagat, Lemakuhlar & Sebastianvisuals, SNS and Nosedrip added to our event. Big up for that. It was also cool to see so many past participants in the house. Also cool so see our little merchandise corner grow with lots of new releases and initiatives.

Big up also to everyone at Beursschouwburg. First and foremost for giving us the chance to do this. Thank you Cis and crew. But also to get such ace support. Big up to Koen, Vincent, Rudy, Guy, Joke, Manu and everyone behind the bar. It’s a pleasure to work with y’all.

And big up to all crews organising RELEASE. On Point, Eckelwood, Laid Back and ourselves. We did a fine job.

Up to the next one which will be pretty soon. But more about that in another post.

You can find some pictures taken during the event in the RELEASE Flickr group. Feel free to add yours too. Expect some videos and sounds in the near future.