First of all we wish you all the best for 2011. We hope you’ll find everything you didn’t know you missed in your life next to the obvious stuff like a good health and lots of happiness.

For ourselves we hope to experience a lot of fine moments like we did last year. Lots of parties that make us forget the minor things in life, lots of fun on the radio and as many fine gigs as we can slip in our agenda without having the feeling it’s a job rather than a passion. We hope we can convince the people at fm brussel to give us an extra hour so we have time to elaborate, we hope OUR PARTY keeps on flourishing into something special for us and for our ever growing community of likeminded souls and we hope for interesting opportunities to spread our gospel and meet lovely people. We also hope RELEASE keeps on surprising us in a positive way. And we hope to discover even more music we love but didn’t know of.

The first few dates we’ll do our thing are next Saturday at OUR PARTY, the Brussels Soul Weekender (28 & 29/01/2011 at Bar Du Matin) and February the 5th at Bar Du Matin. Hope to see you at one of these dates.