New Belgian Beats.

Kind of hooked to looking ahead these days. Haha. But it’s much more fun than reporting the now. The future always looks so much brighter for optimists like ourselves. Certainly in these dark days where the idiots who are supposed to rule our countries are incapable or highly cynical. I’m not sure if I would rather have a government that cuts in everything that hurts the common man and those in need of support but leaves the bankers and their outrageous bonuses untouched like in the UK than the hopeless chaos we’re in (although we’re heading straight for something combining the worst of both worlds I’m afraid).

But there’s always music to take the edge off of things. Luckily. In contrary to our politicians Belgium’s music scene is coming up with some 18-karat gems of ideas. If the sounds I’ve found in my mailbox are anything to go by. We’ve told you about the 74 Miles Away (Pierre Anckaert meets MonkeyRobot) and 40 Winks albums that you’ll find in the shops the next few months. Both sound incredibly mature and tight. You’ll find previews of the first on Soundcloud, for the latter you’ll have to wait a little while longer. Do check the MonkeyRobot soundcloud too for many new tasty bits.

Another beautiful release that’s about to drop is the ‘I Got EP’ by Boohgaloo Zoo. Both the album’s stand out tracks for us are on it (‘I Got’ and ‘Come To This’) with excellent remixes by Mugwump (more Belgian niceness) and Aardvarck. Essential piece of vinyl, we dare to say.

On Point Records are riding last year’s wave of well-deserved hype with a Title / Delvis 7”. More of the bearded big man’s sweet vocals over a killer beat you might have heard before but not quite like this. Both sides are absolute killer. Hopefully giving Title the props he deserves as we felt that his ‘Caravan’ got a bit lost in all the ‘Blend’ mania (don’t think anyone saw that track going this far into the mainstream even though it’s only right it did). Good move by Alex to release this solo production.

Not scheduled for a release yet but already kind of an underground hit (those at RELEASE 03 might remember the impromptu live performance of it by JtotheC and Delvis) is ‘I’ll Take Care Of You’ by Jazz Neversleeps. We’ve found a version (JtotheC on vocals) of it in our mailbox and you’ll definitely hear it in our sets and radio shows the coming weeks and months. Nice one and another song with lots of crossover potential. The On Point family has definitely got something with catchy but deep soulful tunes. Listen to Lefto’s radio show this week for a preview of the track.

On the deep tip. Doctor Vinyl has a very succulent ‘No Space For Reference EP’ lined up for us all. Sebastien Bourbonnais, also known as Boubastar, has created 3 beauties situated far left from the mainstream but right up our alley. From atmospheric to crunchy and pounding Techno. That genre as lovers of Detroit and Laurent Garnier rather than Germans on too much chemicals like it. Big one in our box. Don’t think you can preview the tracks online but do check our radio show this week.

In between all of that we’ve got the CD Lemakuhlar gave us when they were in our radio studio on repeat. Lots of (dare we say it) spiritual House track on there. Not unlike what Joe Claussell or François K would play. With some lovely deep dubwise excursions thrown in. Hope those tracks get to be pressed on vinyl soon. Most of them are on their Soundcloud for y’all to listen to.

It’s also nice to see that Lefto hasn’t forgotten the talent closest to home on his Brownswood Worldwide Family Vol. 1 compilation. A 74 Miles Away track and a nice re-edit of UpHigh’s Blend on there. Together with lots of other niceness of course. Give it a check.