OUR PARTY is something we always really look forward to. Our regular dose of music we adore on a booming high quality sound system. Even if there wouldn’t be anyone but us we would enjoy it. But it is immensely more pleasant when you’re surrounded by people having fun, of course. So last Saturday we all had big smiles on our faces.  Lots of friends and lots of people I didn’t know personally came down to Belle-Vue.

The latter being something we rate highly. You don’t want to keep preaching your gospel to an inner circle of disciples. There’s not really a future in that. It’s also a far more uplifting thought that you haven’t met everyone with the an interest in the music you like and it’s very inspiring to see that everybody naturally gets what we’re aiming for.

Something that isn’t all that complicated but which isn’t obvious either. It’s easy to loose yourself in trying to fit the superficial rules set by yourself or others like being cool or dressed right. All far from essential (mind, we like to look swell ourselves) at a party where enjoying the music, preferably by dancing, should be your main concern. I say concern but it should come effortlessly. Which I think happens at OUR PARTY.

It might sound vaguely political in our country or maybe a bit too spiritual, on the verge of being hippie, but it’s refreshing to see so many different ages, nationalities, sexual preferences, fashion senses, … dancing together. It puts things in perspective. Makes you positive again. The power of music I guess. And it makes me very happy that we achieve in our own humble way what so many legendary parties before us did.

But enough words about that. It was a good one. An inspiring one. Big up to everybody who came down to Belle-Vue. Big up to everyone helping us out at the entrance, behind the bar, preparing the party. Big up to Jonathan and Nick for the nice sets. Always fun to share the decks with you.

Up to the next one. Which will be on March 19th. Same venue of course. This time with a special guest both Onda Sonora Soundsystem DJs are very big fans of. Sean P. A collector and DJ hors categorie from London who you might know as (co-)selector of the Disco Spectrum (on BBE) or Disco Not Disco (on Strut) compilations (or that really good one on Claremont 56 for the really cocky collectors among you). He’s also one of the few cats who makes edits we like. A very rare feat. We’ve seen him DJ a couple of times and those closest to us will testify that we can’t stop raving about these nights. So it’s safe to say we’ve invited somebody from the top of our wantslist.