Free Music.

Although I’m against free music by principle (because of the ‘if it isn’t worth the hassle of pressing it onto vinyl you should keep it to yourself’ rule), I do agree it’s a good way to introduce new artists. It’s like getting demo’s way back when people actually gave you something when they wanted you to listen to their tracks. But progress made it easier to share this music that deserves to be discovered, with all its flaws and opportunities, and I try to embrace it. Although I do tend to get crabby sometimes when going through the piles of rubbish on our Soundcloud.

Luckily some people make live easier by doing the first sifting for you. All praise to them. Let me give you 2 good examples.

10 years of UNREzT compilations
I’m not sure I really understand what UNREzT is all about but I do like some of their output. The Yellow and Magenta free compilations give you a nice overview of the leftfield electronic music scene in Belgium. A lot of names you’ll know if you have followed our RELEASE project a bit but next to that there are true discoveries to be done. Big up to UNREzT and keep up with whatever you are doing.

Thristan bPm’s compilation for i-D
The same but international. Some names you might have seen pop up before and lots of stuff I hadn’t heard of. Overall good quality and, like it should, with all the links you need to the online presence of the artists involved. Nice one.

And one last tune we don’t want to keep from you.

Ahu – To:Love (Tightface remix)
A tasty remix by one of Paul White’s friends who has been mentioned by those in the know as a producer to watch. Any reason to give One-Handed some shine is welcome.