Playlist Radio Show 01/02/2011 – RELEASE 04 Beatbattle Winners

Our RELEASE 04 events is coming up (more about it very soon). One of the things that’ll happen at this is a beatbattle. The pre-selection for this ended a few days ago and the jury chose 8 finalists who’ll compete at the event itself. We present the 8 winners and the event itself in our radio show this week. Check it all out and see if we made a decent choice.

Jimmy Callewaert – Cows and Bells
Los Brasilios With The Juan Morales Singers – Amorio Ambiguo (original sample for the battle)

>>> Beatbattle winners <<<
Oddlaner – Biguo
Zomb. – Release Beat Battle
Errorism – Amorio Ambiguo
William – Rotary
Kunde – Breathe
Ducap – Solar
NAG – Green Girl
Shepherd – L’Amorio Ambiguo Del Pastore

Title – Sidechain Reaction
Dimlite – Kitty Cradle Fog
Ahu – To:Love
Al B. Sure – Nite and Day (Onra Edit)
Visual – The Music Got Me