RELEASE 04 Update.

You might have noticed we’re in the last straight line to the next RELEASE event. It will be somewhat different than the 3 previous ones. Another venue and another concept. This because the city of Schaarbeek was so generous to sponsor us and GC De Kriekelaar offered us their venue.

We thought about how we could spend the money wisely and let our target audience enjoy it the most. So we’ve invested it in doing lectures and workshops, something we’ve been wanting to do for a while now. We’ve invited Alex Vanhee, San Soda, Micha from the Vermin Twins, Stijn, Nabil Ben Yadir who directed Les Barons and some other very interesting people (who still need to confirm, so more about them later) to talk about their art and enlighten you with their knowledge about concert photography, Ableton, Circuit Bending, being a one man band, (low-budget) film-making respectively. But as said before there’s more to come.

In the pauses between all this you’ll be able to check out Fahar’s sketches he made during our first 2 events at Beursschouwburg. Instead of taking photos he drew the artists on stage and that’ll be on the walls all day long. Also there will be a performance by SubSquare combing video with graphics.

The thing we launched first though was a beat battle. The first round is closed now and we’ve got a nice response to it. We put a sample online with which everybody could do their thing and we’re quite satisfied with the results. The judges blind tested them and chose 8 finalists which you can hear in our radio show.

After the beat battle we’ll present to you 2 international talents making waves in the off-centre music scene. Ahu and Onra. The first is a female singer originating from Turkey who has sung on beats by Flying Lotus (together they’re known as Dolly), Mr. Beatnick & Paul White (who produced her first solo EP on One-Handed). She’ll do a live PA and play some records after the gigs. Onra, a French beatmaker who has been releasing a stream of well-received albums (the latest being ‘Long Distance’ on All City), will perform afterwards playing his beats live on MPC accompanied by synths. He’s known to be an energetic performer so that’ll be well worth experiencing.

Afterwards Ahu and other DJs will play some more music while everyone keeps socialising and getting inspired to make more wonderful art.

As always the event is completely free of charge. The afternoon workshops as well as the evening part. We might ask to make reservations for some lectures because we want to keep it practical but you’ll read more about that and everything else concerning this event on the RELEASE website.