RELEASE 04 Report

I have some troubles writing a short review of RELEASE 04. Everyone present knows how good i t was and those that couldn’t be arsed to move their lazy butt up to Schaarbeek deserve to be kept curious for the rest of their lives.

But here it is anyway. Loved the response to the workshops. You always hope for a roadblock but deep down you know you only need people interested in what the lectures and workshops are all about. I’m confident that was the case. Saw lots of heavily packed photographers heading upstairs for Alex Vanhee’s session, some up and coming and even some more experienced producers listening to San Soda’s introduction to Ableton and lots of (soon-to-be) label bosses participating to Jan Pauly’s lecture. So much that we had to drag away Stijn from it so he could start his own workshop. Which turned out to be partly standup comedy for music nerds too. Dieter’s talk with Nabil Ben Yadir was cool and that you’ll be able to hear in our radio show soon.  It was funny to see the circuitbending workshop. Lots of excited people playing with toys. Haha.

The result of a beatbattle is always open for discussion but everyone agreed Zomb. is a worthy winner. Always nice to discover new talent. All a bit overwhelmed by our dynamic duo presenting it all. Haha. We need more JtotheC + U-Gene collabs. Loved both Ahu and Onra’s performance and Nosedrip’s off-centre selection is always a treat. It wore me out and even though I’ve been suffering from a monstrous cold, I’ve been smiling since then.

Big up to everyone involved. First and foremost our local city council and Luc Denys for giving us the money to do this. To GC De Kriekelaar for the venue and all the help. Big up to Jan, Leen, Hylke, Raf, Jeff, Indra and everyone at Kriekelaar and Schaarbeek city council for all the help. Big up to Shaerin and Bie for welcoming everybody in the cold foyer. A big thanks to all artists involved; Alex Vanhee, San Soda, Jan Pauly, Nabil Ben Yadir, Micha Volders, Lotte Vanhamel, Stijn, Sasha Vanderspeeten, U-Gene, JtotheC, SNS, Nosedrip,  Ahu, Onra & Buddy Sativa. Big up to all participants to the beatbattle. And last but not least big up to Alex, Gunter, Louis, Dieter, Yoeri  and Lieve for making this happen together with me.

You’ll find some pictures I’ve made here. Keep an eye on the RELEASE Flickr group and Facebook page for more soon.