Surf Kill has managed to stay under most people’s radar the last few months. Which is sort of a shame because they’ve done some very nice things (Dynooo’s ‘Mick Vackey II’ tune is still big at the Onda Sonora HQ) but in the meantime it’s refreshing that they haven’t sought the hype yet. Instead they’re slowly building their twisted empire with online and vinyl releases, a magazine, mixes, parties, gigs and other often not exactly standard moves. Stubbornly lo-fi and off-centre. Usually all drowned in mystery.

Soon you’ll find their second 12”, called ‘Sewer Goo EP’, in the shops. Check the ace videos to know that’s going to sound. Edgy Boogie the way we like it by Dynooo, Cupp Cave and Salted Slugs.

To clarify (or mystify) things a bit (or some more) we’ll have a talk with Dynooo and DJ Wesley C in our radio show tonight. Expect lots of fresh music and more.