Disco Love 2 / The M&M Mixes Vol. 2

It might look a bit like we’re on BBE’s payroll. We’re not though, it’s just because they keep releasing killer compilations that we keep recommending their releases. We discovered and fell in love with the label just because of their amazing collections of top tunes in the first place. The ‘Disco Spectrum’, ‘Strange Games & Things’, ‘Stop and Listen’ and ‘Keb Darge’s Legendary Deep Funk’ series were pretty much the sonic equivalent of school textbooks in our musical education.

And even if the excitement of discovering whole new worlds is a bit gone (the price you pay for having knowledge) we still look forward to every new compilation they release. The ‘Disco Love 2’ one, compiled by Al Kent, goes so far beyond what’s common that it feels a bit like there’s a new world opening itself. Even if we consider ourselves pretty seasoned Disco collectors. Lots of killer soulful uptempo tracks from the 70s masterfully selected and edited by the Glaswegian grandmaster.

The second M&M mixes are less rare and we have quite a few of them in our collection already but Sergio Munzibai and John Morales have made so much of them that it’s hard to be complete. Luckily the nice folks at BBE helps us in our quest. It’s also a lesson in how to edit tracks. Doing it with lots of respect for the creative work of the original composers while making them certified dance floor monsters. Keeping the musicality but in a subtle way inserting some extra punch. Meeting John Morales at Manchester airport last year was a moment to remember. Most people get excited when they meet some hip singer of movie-star, we get that with pensionable people hardly anybody recognises. Haha.

Get these compilation. They’re essential additions to your collection. Both out on CD and vinyl.