What’s Good According To Us.

We keep on recommending compilations but there’s some more than decent EPs out there too. Let us list them up for you.

Theo Parrish – Feel Free To Be Who You Need To Be – Sound Signature
First EP with tracks from the Sketches CD. The title track is an absolute belter. A deep, thriving mantra like only he can make. One of the best songs of 2010 for us and probably, through this release, a strong contender for the same title in 2011.

Kurtis Scott – If You Feel It Get Up And Dance – Peoples Potential Unlimited
‘Poet, Actor, Producer, Singer, Professional Boxer, the multi-talented Kurtis Scott does it all’ says the promo text. And he does it with style. Somewhere between Theo Parrish and James Brown. Absolute killer 7”. Comes with a book.

Sbtrkt feat Sampha – Living Like I Do – Young Turks
Up until this track I was wondering what all the hype around Sbtrkt was all about (still do actually) but this tune is addictive. Not so much because the production is that exceptional. Far from that. It’s all about Sampha here (and on any track he lends his voice to). Lovely expressive delivery with lots of feeling. Makes you hit the repeat button over and over again.

Photek – Avalanche / 101 – Photek Productions
Always nice to welcome back an old hero. Certainly if he re-enters the scene in such fine style. Like before what Photek does is rooted in the now (London bass scene and beyond) but he gives it such a firm personal twist that he’s in a league of his own.

Ossie – Tarantula (Funkineven Remix) – Lightworks
We bought this for the Funkineven remix which is vintage acid madness like you’ve come to expect from the man but we like the original compositions on this just as much. Bleepy rhythmic House.

Om Unit – The Timps EP – Civil
For those that like early Metroplex releases. Electro with a relentless groove. Maybe not all that original but top quality nevertheless.

Arttu – Fear Diluted – Philpot
Again nothing that hasn’t been done before but rarely as good as this. Banging House that refers to the good old days but with a new school twist. For those who like KiNK & Neville, MCDE and co.

Joshua Iz – It Iz What It Iz Sampler – Vizual
From Iz & Diz fame. A vocal track we’ve played a few times in our radio show and some deep techy tracks. All nice.