Strictly Scene

Strictly Rhythm
, a New York based House music record label that has made a name for itself with genre-defining releases from the early 90s on and still is going today, has started something on its site to “bring the dance music community across the globe closer together” called Strictly Scene. For this they’ve selected ambassadors from all over the world. Those will report about their local scenes. What’s hot on the dance floor and where you can hear that and more. We’ve been asked to write about Brussels and suburbs (which is, for us, the rest of our ridiculously small country but don’t tell our politicians). Because we’re professionals, always on time and we take all we do serious as hell (don’t me catch rolling your eyes, haha) we’ve written the first contribution to it. Go check it out.

We of course like it that our name is now linked to a label that has released many gems that are still glued in our box but that’s not what has motivated us to join this. We like to take every chance given to us to promote our local scene. We’ve been doing this on our radio show and site but when we get the chance to do the same on another and maybe bigger scene we grab it with both hands. Even if we’re not entirely sure how everything will evolve.

Anyway, let this be another reminder that we like to know what our musical neighbours – being it promoters, producers or whatever other way you can be involved in dance music – are doing. And we look at ‘dance music’ with a very open mind. Get in touch.

On the Strictly Rhythm front. We can tell you there’s some nice music from Ben Westbeech and Steal Vybe coming your way plus their back catalogue is something in which you’ll definitely find lots of tasty tunes.