Dusted Off. Inner Life – Inner Life II

I could have picked their other albums too because they too are absolute masterpieces but this one has a few personal extras. I bought it many years ago in a liquidation sale for virtually nothing and it’s one of the first Salsoul or even Disco records I ever bought. Little did I know how good it was or what the names in the liner notes would later mean to me, I just saw that logo with the rainbow and went for it. Nowadays I would get plenty excited seeing Stan Lucas, Greg Carmichael, Leroy Burgess, John Morales, Tom Moulton and Jocelyn Brown among the personnel and would buy every single copy I could find (I left a lot of them, all sealed, the day I bought it).

Time made me lose my naiveté and I’ve added many more Disco / Boogie gems to my collection in the process but this one nevertheless keeps a special place in my heart. Not only because of the personal history but also due to one special track on it. I’ve been playing the 12” versions of ‘I Like It Like That’ and ‘Moments Of My Life’ a lot but my favourite is the album only cut ‘I’ve Got To Find Me Somebody’. Uptempo and uplifting Gospel Boogie at its finest. It’s up there with Rainbow Brown’s ‘Till You Surrender’ or ‘Lets Go Another Round’ (you’ll find Stan Lucas in the credits of this too – now that Patrick Adams & co are well-documented someone should write a piece about him).

Superb album and when you embark on a journey of exploring all the other work the producers, musicians and vocalists on here have created, you’re in for a treat that’ll take you a while but will be well worth the effort.

Inner Life Discography.