On Heavy Rotation.

Decided to include older stuff we picked up in second hand shops in this list too. Because we don’t really make a difference between what you can find in the shiny new shops or the dusty ones. As long as it’s fresh we play it.

Lone – Echolocations EP – R&S
Among all the retro House emulators Lone’s one of the few who can keep us interested with every release he does. Always richly structured songs that stand the test with the vintage LFO, Carl Craig or Speedy J tracks we like to slip into our sets. Several cuts of this fine EP get played.

Ossie – Tarantula – Lightworks
Absolute banger. A new one with which you can surprise the club cats as it’s from a little outside their habitat. This comes out of the London beat / bass scene but is straight up hands in the air House. Original is so good we hardly play the Funkineven remix on the flip.

Zenith – People Of The Sun – Lynx International
Haven’t got a clue how I stumbled upon this gem but it sure has generated many requests for info about it. Proper feel good Disco that somehow hasn’t featured on any compilations yet.

Various – Soul Of Disco 3 – Z Records
You would think that by now it would be near impossible to compile an album full of killer Disco tunes we haven’t heard about. You would expect a collection of songs that please the collectors and only them but leave it to Joey Negro to come up with straight up dance floor material that makes you wonder why it has been so obscure all those years.

Was (Not Was) – Tell Me That I’m Dreaming – ZE Records
Devastating bassline, lots of percussion and plenty of out there sound effects. In nearly every set we played last few weeks. With the legendary Ken Collier on remix duties (do check who that is, unsung hero that has made a far larger impact on your musical taste as you think).

Barbara Lynn – You Make Me So Hot (Sean P Edit) – Cosmic Boogie
One of the rare re-edits we play. Not because we like Sean a lot but because it’s a killer. Concentrating on the groove and using the vocal in a dubwise way. Not unlike Walter Gibbons’ best work.

Jazz Neversleeps – Live In Maredsous – Beyond Jazz
Might have fallen in between 2 hypes but this deserves better. Slow burning House. Can easily imagine the fireplace, the rain outside and the Maredsous beer that go with this track. On the excellent Beyond Jazz compilation.

Linkwood – From the Vaults Pt. 1 – Prime Numbers
Linkwood is back. The friendly Scotsman never fails. The second track on the B-side is the one for us. Deep House like it should be made.

Tom Trago – Iris LP – Rush Hour
Still big in our box. Slowly almost all the tracks pop up in our sets. Gold see-through vinyl isn’t the handiest to play but we don’t mind. It’s got tracks for nearly every moment in your set.

C.J. & Co – We Got Our Own Thing – Westbound
Not even a new buy but something we found cleaning up the collection. Amazing, deep groove. Absolutely adore the hihats.

Libby Jones – Time After Time – Movin’
One of the best vocal House labels ever, one of the best productions teams ever (Blaze) and a great vocalist. Something we would like to hear some more on dance floors when we’re not playing but dancing. More than 20 years old but still oh so fresh.

Johnick – Play The World (Zoo Zoo Petals Mix) – Henri Street
Nostalgia galore here. This banging sort of Disco-sampling House is what got us into the genre. Relentless bassline, vocal stabs and looped strings. Basically what Henri Street Music was all about. It has rarely been done better than this.

Tevo Howard – The Age Of Compassion (Donnacha Costello Rough Rub) – Buzzin’ Fly
Killer buildup. A track that makes laser lights bearable. Deep and dreamy.

Michelle Wallace – Jazzy Rythm – Emergency
A Northend / Tee Scott production. Should say enough as “Happy Days / Tee’s Happy” should be basic knowledge for every Disco aficionado. Michelle Wallace sang on that track too. This is a tad slower but just as good.