Various – Soul Of Disco Volume 3

There aren’t many compilations I revere as much as certain artist albums. Some are handy because they compile several tracks you would otherwise have in your box on separate 12”s, some are lovely excursions into an artist or producers oeuvre serving the need for unreleased work, some are interesting combinations of tunes ideal of certain particular occasions. But not many can compete with the status some classic albums have reached in your musical pantheon.

Personally there are only a few that I consider milestones in my journey through the world of music up until now. One that’s a certitude is BBE’s Disco spectrum (series). It was my big introduction to the genre and is still my main reference. From this on I’ve explored this music to a point that I consider myself a connoisseur. Which makes most collections of Disco tracks that come out nowadays, at best, one of the qualities listed before. Until a friend of mine introduced me to the Soul Of Disco series.

To my own surprise there was still a vast world of quality tracks out there. On the first 2 volumes of this series are tracks that are so good you wonder how they could slip by so unnoticed for so long. It’s far more than a collector showing off his immense treasure of vinyl. Nope, it’s a collection of ridiculously good tunes that have been made several decades ago but are known to only a few hardcore crate diggers. Outshining every single other compilation I’ve heard since the Spectrum series.

The third edition of Soul Of Disco repeats that feat effortlessly again. The Jackie Stoudemire, Kocky or Gloster Williams & Master Control tracks can easily compete with the best ones in my box. And will be played a lot in our sets to come. All hail to the king of compilation Joey Negro (selector of both the Spectrum and Soul Of … series) for all the years of joy so far and keep ‘em coming. And keep including these mighty fine liner notes.