VLEK 04 & 05.

Vlek’s first releases were 2 fresh 7”s with banging music and nicely done artwork. Now that those are sold out they’ve lined up 2 new releases for us. A 10” and a 12”.

The mid-sized piece of plastic contains banging tracks by Cupp Cave who you should know of his work on Unrezt and Surf Kill. It’s something for the fans of Lone and the new old sounding 4 to the floor posse. The artwork of it is something else. Back to the old printing press. Already on heavy rotation at the Onda Sonora HQ but we’re anxious to get our hands on the real package.

The full-sized vinyl is by Squeaky Lobster who made a big impression on us when he did a little live showcase in our radio show a couple of months ago. The EP is more of his layered, hard-hitting mayhem. That Saint Seya tracks is something you’ll hear often in our sets in the months to come. One for the fans of Gaslamp Killer.

Both these releases as well as the new On Point one (the Jazz Neversleeps we’ve been pushing hard lately) and the new DC Salas on Doctor Vinyl (we’ll play that one in our radio show next week) will have a joint “release aperitif” at the Doctor Vinyl shop on Saturday June 25th between 14h and 20h. If all artists and label-bosses are present you probably won’t be able to get inside but it promises to be an afternoon of laughs nonetheless.