Rossoulano Edits.

I’m not a big fan of the edit hype as I’ve explained many times before on this blog but sometimes I like to make an exception. Like for the Rossoulano AKA Blackbeard edits the friendly boys at KAT Records are releasing. I only like edits when they’re not obvious. The choice of tracks is important (stay away from classics or material already edited by Tom Moulton, Walter Gibbons or alike) and do more than looping the intro and outro or making it sound like The Revenge.

Side A – Stormy

Side B – Friends In Lo Places

As I’m a fan of Blackbeard’s reworks since day one (still play his Tiffany Villareal one a lot) I was very curious about how he reconstructed these tunes. Lovely to see he kept his touch. Both tracks are first class picks and nicely tweaked for maximum DJ-pleasure. Can’t wait to get this on vinyl. Expect to hear this a lot in our sets in the months to come. Ideal stuff for our outdoor sets this summer.