Hiphop We Like.

The days I got all excited about new Hiphop releases are long gone. Therefore the occasional exception that makes me want to pull out the good old walkman to pump it through the headphones while strolling through the streets with an overdose of attitude is all the more fun.

Jehst’s new album – or at least the sampler – “The Dragon Of An Ordinary Family” has been on constant repeat since we got our hands on it. Genuine quality beats and inventive rhymes which I can connect to. It doesn’t have to be more than that. No overstated attitude nor pitiful attention seeking nonsense here. Adding all the more elements to be discovered with every listen it gets. Seriously not instant and that’s refreshing these days in this genre.

Another one I can dig is Eredivisie’s self titled free album. Wan & Nexus with the help of a bunch of friends bring quality Dutch spoken Hiphop. For the fans of Javaanse Jongens, Louis Bordeaux, Fata Morgana and affiliated. Premium Dilla influenced beats like you might expect from this lot with (believe us you none Dutch speaking readers) nicely delivered rhymes on top of them. And all that for free.

For those who want to have a laugh with the current US Hiphop scene we firmly recommend #INBOXMADNESS. If you end up on mailing lists galore promoting this crap like we did the quotes collected on this are very recognisable. Put together they’re even more comical. Makes you read those mails again. Haha.